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Drawing A Line In The Sand: Bush & The Election

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

Shortly after Bush stole the 2000 election, I wrote an article in which I suggested that it might be wise to consider the purchase of an AK47 as an investment. Today those words sound strangely prophetic, yet eerie alien. It's like my first reaction to seeing the airliner crash into the World Trade Center---this has to be a video game. My mind knew what my eyes had seen was real, but I refused to believe it. Indeed it is hard to believe that in the short span of four years Bush has turned the citadel of democracy into a third-world banana republic. Never in my life did I expect I would ever see requests for poll watchers in this country. Yet many of my fellow countrymen are calling for poll watchers.

There is good reason for the concerns of citizens about Bush stealing another election. Indeed, there already is an abundance of evidence that they already are well advanced in stealing the second election. Brother Jeb is already defying a court order about former prisoners being informed about the procedure to regain their full civil rights, including the right to vote. Florida is once again purging its voter rolls of names of suspected felons. Nearly every week another flaw is discovered in the computerized voting machines particularly those in Florida.

Clearly Bush and the Republican Party no longer believe in democracy and detest elections. Before the 2000 election, Bush feared that he would win the popular vote but lose the electoral and had planned an elaborate system of what amounted to nationwide riots and court challenges until he was appointed president. It's clear from the Texas gerrymandering in which Democratic members of legislators fled to neighboring states to prevent this abuse of political power. It certainly was evident that the Republicans refuse to accept defeat at the ballot box in the recall election in California resulting in the election of Governor Arnold. However, Governor Arnold may be part of the plan to steal the election by delivering California's 54 electoral votes to Bush. At any time during Election Day if Bush was leading Arnold could declare a state of emergency and close the polls and then certify the results as valid.

The greatest concern among voters as the election approaches is the Bush administration may cancel the election by declaring a red alert or declaring martial law because of a potential terrorist attack. The Bush regime is guilty of instilling this fear in the voters by issuing terrorist warnings of an impending attack. Like Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, these warnings are based on nothing more than thin air and a lot of bushshit. The warnings are becoming increasingly transparent that they are nothing more than a political gambit. The latest warning came from John Ashcroft on the day Kerry gave his acceptance speech. The intent was clear to distract as much attention as possible from Kerry. The previous warning the week before the Democratic Convention suggested the terrorist would target the media during the convention, again the intent was clear to limit coverage of the convention and the Democratic Party. The real danger of these phony warnings is that after reaping a lie often enough many people begin to believe it. The Republicans in congress are now set to propose a bill outlining the steps to be taken if an election is canceled. Any such bill will provide the Bush administration with enough loopholes to cancel the election on little or no evidence of a threat.

Furthermore, Ashcroft has begun to use the FBI as his private political Gestapo and has targeted various protesters and protest groups. Various groups and individuals have been singled out for questioning and intimidation. All of these groups have one thing in common ---they oppose Bush. Ashcroft is clearly trying to revoke their first amendment rights of free speech. His false claim that these groups are violent and have made terroristic threats is ludicrous unless one believes in machine gun-toting grannies.

With the increasing frequency of terrorist warnings and Aschroft's attacks on individual's free speech rights that this administration is growing more desperate as frantic as the election approaches. This is a direct result of the internal Republican polls. As reported earlier this week the Republican internal polls show Kerry winning the election by a substantial electoral margin at this time. This result confirms the many online polls that can be found on politically neutral websites. Most of these web polls show Bush losing by 20 percent, yet the polls reported by the media show the race to be nearly even. While the web polls are nonscientific, the results should parallel the scientific polls. Such a wide disparity suggests the media is deliberately keeping the results close for the Bush administration. The more it appears the election is close the easier it will be for Bush to steal the election.

This desperation by Bush and his administration is manifested in the increasingly bizarre behavior of Bush. Unable to satisfactorily answer a persistent news reporter, Bush stomped offstage and backstage screamed at aides �Keep those motherfuckers away from me.� This confirms previous reports of Bush screaming at aides, and undergoing violent mood swings. It has now been reported that he is suffering from depression and is under medication. It isn't the most comforting thought to know the man with his finger on the button that could release a nuclear attack is strung out on happy pills to keep him from going totally nuts. A senior Republican strategist is advising Republican candidates to keep their distance from Bush because he is loony tunes. There are a number of increasing reports by psychoanalysts suggesting Bush is a person with sadistic, paranoid, and megalomaniac tendencies. All of which indicate America's "War President" is a madman strung out on happy pills unable to handle the stress when his war suffers setbacks---once a chickenhawk always a chickenshit.

This writer is no psychoanalyst but feels that depression is too simplistic of a diagnosis to explain Bush's behavior. Perhaps the best way to state it clinically would be depression brought on by a deep-seated phobia. This administration is guilty of torturing prisoners, executing prisoners, bombing civilians, warmongering, and a host of other war crimes. They are also guilty of mass murder in ordering the stand-down of the air force on 9/11. The PNAC document certifies the need for Pearl Harbor so they would be free to wage war on oil-rich nations. Allowing the terrorist attack of 9/11 to proceed unhindered would inflict the maximum number of casualties and damage, creating a new Pearl Harbor. There are charges of prisoners at Camp X-ray being given medications against their will one of which, caused spots to appear. Was this a test of genome-specific bioweapons, which the PNAC refers to as useful political tools? Moreover, there is a myriad of other crimes committed by members of this administration, including Cheney padding his retirement account at Haliburton. Conviction of any of the more serious crimes would condemn the guilty party to death by hanging. Perhaps, the Texas Executioner has a deep-seated phobia of the executioner being executed and is feeling the noose tighten around his neck.

Once before the world faced a madman with plans for world dominion who during one adverse meeting threw himself on the floor and wildly kicking and pound the floor with his fist began chewing on the carpet. Behind his backs, his aides began derisively referring to him as the carpet eater. His name was Adolf Hitler.

Like a giant phoenix, the ghost of the Third Reich has risen from the ashes of 9/11. It remains to be seen if it can unleash another holocaust on the world. During the 1933 election, the Nazis assassinated thousands of leaders of the opposition. The Nazis were supplied with guns from the United States shipped aboard Hamburg-Amerika liners under the direction of Prescott Bush. The Nazi's intimidation of voters and the opposition is legendary. We have already seen the Republican Party use the same tactics: jamming phones lines for those needing rides to the polls, funding the Green Party to split the liberal vote, the disenfranchising of thousands of Black voters, the use of police roadblocks to intimidate Black voters, the use of a rioting mob to stop the recount of ballots, while the police were under the orders of brother Jeb to stand down, the use of subliminal ads, spreading deliberate lies and finally the unexplained deaths of Paul Wellstone and Mel Carnahan. Today they issued another terrorist threat for New York City in a transparent effort to limit anti-Bush demonstrations during the Republican Convention. Count on the demonstrators being brutalized by the Bush Gestapo.

All it takes for Bush to unleash another world holocaust and bring about his plans for regime change in 60 nations is for good men to do nothing. Hitler could have been removed easily in the first few years of the Nazi regime if good men had acted. If you live in an area that uses electronic voting machines request an absentee ballot. The Republican Party already is advising its members in Florida to use absentee ballots. If you plan to vote against Bush vote early in the event polls are closed early due to another phony threat especially if you live in California.

Finally, in the event of martial law, a red alert, or the canceling of the election, it is time all Americans look into their very inner self and draw a line in the sand defining a point at which their limit to restrictions on our freedoms and liberties has been reached. While many may naively blame the Germans for allowing Hitler to rise to power, the wolf is once again at the door, don't make the same mistake the Germans did. Use what time there is left to make plans and to stockpile some provisions and any material you need for total opposition. Your freedom and life depend on it.

For more information concerning the Bush Family's Nazi connections click the link below.

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