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Go To Hell Bush!!!

From the Streets of Little Beirut

Glen Yeadon

European leaders are now under fire by the Bush to bail his ass out of Iraq. The Bush administration is seeking support for a UN resolution for a US-led multinational security force to uphold order in Iraq. Over sixty years ago the leaders of France and England confronted another madman in Munich. Instead of the standing firm, they agreed to sell out Czechoslovakia after Hitler assured them that he had no aims for further expansion. However, before the war was over Hitler had conquered all of Europe. Tyrants are never satisfied. Let's hope the mistake of Munich is not repeated today.

Bush is as insane as Hitler was. Recent articles have confirmed this. Those articles reveal Bush sees himself as a great Christian warrior in Armageddon. It is evident every time he speaks about the axis of evil. Further confirmation of Bush's deluded self-importance comes from his call for a crusade against terror shortly after 9/11. Because of world outrage, he quickly dropped the term crusade in favor of war. Yes, this cowardly chickenhawk who failed to complete his cushy National Guard position during the Vietnam War, now has the temerity to call himself a war president.

Such delusions of grandeur by Bush should be enough for the leaders of the world to turn down the request for UN support. However, just as Hitler followed the road map he laid down in Mein Kampf, Bush is following the road plan laid out in the Plan for the New American Century (PNAC). Written by fascist ideologues at the American Enterprise Institute, the plans call for the invasion and regime change in several countries, militarizing space, and the complete dominance of space including communications and weather satellites. The document also refers to genome-specific bioweapons as politically useful, a euphemism for justifying genocide. This document also suggests the decision to invade Iraq was made long before 9/11. Combined with other reports it appears the decision to invade Iraq was made in the opening days of the Bush administration.

Sunday Colin Powell spent the day on the phone pressuring European leaders to support the new UN resolution released this morning May 24, 2004. This is the same Colin Powell that sat before the UN's Security Council and with bated breath lied to the world about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the need to invade Iraq. He lied then and he is still lying. The resolution calls for an eventual withdrawal from Iraq and the turn over to the Iraqi interim government control over their oil and gas resources. The resolution is a lie. The Bush administration has no plans to withdraw from Iraq. In fact, US forces in Iraq are presently engaged in building fourteen permanent military bases. Building such bases confirms this administration foresees a long-term US military presence in Iraq. The same applies to giving control over the oil and gas supplies to the Iraqi interim government. The interim government agency charged with overseeing petroleum resources has no authority to overwrite contracts already signed by American corporations. The same applies to the agency for communications and several other agencies. In short, the interim government Bush created is a puppet regime for American corporations. If any Iraqi leader should arise strong enough to challenge Bush, he soon will be silenced by Bush's revival of the Phoenix program.

Europeans need to demand that their governments provide no aid to Bush for Iraq. Many Europeans have seen the documentary of the mass murder of POWs in Afghanistan while U.S. soldiers looked on. Many more have seen the pictures of torture in the Abu Ghraib prison and heard Bush claim it was an isolated incident when in reality it was systematic. Why should European countries stain their stature by entering a war already tainted by torture, involving mind control, sexual abuse, and physical abuse? Further, the highest levels in the Bush administration sanctioned the torture. This is evident by the many speeches of top-level officials, including Bush shortly after 9/11 in which they proposed the use of torture and government-sponsored assassinations.

It is imperative that Europe withholds support for the US plan for Iraq. Just as in Munich where there was more at stake than just Czechoslovakia there is much more at stake today than just Iraq. World peace is once again at stake.

Given aid, Bush would withdraw the combat units first leaving reservist and guard units as part of the UN force. Once he can free the combat units and reequip then he can wage another war, perhaps in Venezuela or Cuba. There already is an abundance of evidence the Bush administration is stoking the flames of rebellion and revolution against Chavez. The evidence links the Bush administration directly to the coup attempts against Chavez.

This is the second time Bush has demanded Europe to provide cannon fodder for Iraq. France, Germany, and Russia opposed the first UN resolution in the late summer of 1993. Their decision was wise and is worthy of praise. Additionally, the decision by the new Spanish government to pull its troops out of Iraq is also praiseworthy.

As long as Bush remains bogged down in Iraq in a Vietnam-styled quagmire he is unable to start another war. If European leaders capitulate and send troops to Iraq then the whole world has forgotten the lesson of Munich. If the Bush regime is successful at securing UN troops for Iraq there will be other wars in which the death tolls climb into the hundreds of thousands. Wars using nuclear weapons. Wars that may spread into a global conflict that could end humanity, as we know it. This is the lesson of Munich---one cannot negotiate with a madman. If anyone doubts that perhaps, they should ask a Czech or a Pole they have some firsthand experience in the matter.

Hopefully, European leaders will see through the thin fa´┐Żade of lies behind this second request and deny the aid. The situation in Iraq is rapidly deteriorating; the body bags are beginning to mount up. To win reelection Bush must reduce the number of body bags coming home before the November election or face certain defeat. Without turning tail and running his only hope lies in replacing US troops with cannon fodder from Europe. This recent call for European support for his oil war is nothing more than a feeble attempt to prop up Bush's sagging poll numbers. Europeans face a choice they can send their young men to die for a tyrant in the sands of Iraq or they can tell the tyrant to "Go to Hell."

Nothing less than world peace is at stake.

Please forward this message to your political leadership and make them understand that to appease Bush is to lay open the path to future wars. Bush and the top officials in his administration must be held accountable for war crimes in front of an international tribunal.

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