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I'll Piss On His Grave

From the Streets of Little Beirut

Glen Yeadon

With the death of Ronald Reagan, the world will now face a weeklong orgy of grandiloquent of US military power and American Imperialism. Reagan was a cold-blooded murderer, a union-busting parasite, con artist, and a good liar. I'll shed no tear for the death of a tyrant. Nor will I stand by idly while the truth is sacrificed in frenzied worship of a demagogue. Reagan was evil personified, he can rot in hell.

On May 15, 1969, Reagan blurted out "If it's a blood bath, then let it be now" during a news conference he held about clearing the University of California campuses of antiwar protesters. To hell with free speech, dissentients could be clubbed or killed this was Reagan's vision of freedom. In using brute force against the war protesters and his hard-line support for the Vietnam War Reagan was cultivating the support of America's far-right extremists for his burning desire for the presidency.

Once Reagan received the nomination for the presidency, the Reagan-Bush team ensured their victory in the 1980 election by making a deal with the Ayatollah not to release the American hostages in Iran until after the election. Nobody should ever forget the surreal images of the hostages boarding a plane in Tehran on one side of the screen and the inauguration ceremony on the other side of the screen.

His administration was scandal-ridden from the first day to its last day with over 170 top officials indicted or forced to resign because of criminal behavior. However, if they wrapped themselves in the flag and praised the Lord their crimes were swept under the rug. He pressed Congress to label ketchup a vegetable so he could cut spending for the school lunch program and expand his Star Wars program. He sent Marines ashore in Beirut and when the Hezbollah murdered hundreds of them, he ran like a whipped cur. He then invaded tiny Grenada scaring the bejeebers out of a few Cuban construction workers. Now that�s a war to be proud of American tanks against Cuban wheelbarrows. He thought ICBMs could be recalled after they were launched. It�s a miracle that he didn't blow the shit out of this planet. He cut the taxes of the rich and afterward raised the taxes on the poor and middle class. The CIA's report on the downfall of the Soviet Union proves Reagan had nothing to do with the downfall of communism. In fact, the report points out that Polish unions and other dissentients were a major cause of the downfall of the Soviet Union. Dissentients not unlike the antiwar protesters Reagan threatened to the massacre. The only legacy he left for America was more than doubling the national debt by spending more than all 39 of his predecessors combined.

Moreover, Reagan was the only American president ever found guilty by the World Court for warmongering for the mining of Nicaragua's harbors. In 1987, Reagan was forced to admit that he made a deal with the Iranian terrorist for the hostages. In return for the hostages Reagan armed the Iranians with missiles and the world had the first look at the terror Reagan had unleashed on Central America. Profits from the sale of the missiles were used to fund the Contras. Furthermore, the cargo planes delivering the arms to the Contras were used to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. on their return flights. The report on Guatemala states: "In 626 massacres government forces completely exterminated Mayan communities, destroyed their dwellings, livestock, and crops." Additional proof that Reagan was waging a genocidal war in Guatemala comes from the statement of a fundamental minister visiting the Reagan White House after his return from Guatemala: "The Army doesn't massacre the Indians. It massacres demons, and the Indians are demon-possessed; they are communist." Many of these fundie ministers not only observed the torturing of Indians but also took an active part in it.

During the Iran-Iraq war, Reagan provided support for Saddam. When Saddam used nerve gas the Reagan Bush administration was complacent. Throughout the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the Reagan administration equipped and trained not only the Taliban but also bin Laden. In fact, Reagan was the godfather of much of the present trouble in the Middle East.

The future for Iraq looks extremely bleak as long as the Bush regime remains in power. Many of the top officials in George W. Idiot's administration were also members of the Reagan administration. It is now known with certainty that Bush approved the torture. The Bush regime administration framed a flimsy legal argument outlining why as commander and chief Bush wasn't bound by the law. It gave him the authority to approve torture and whatever other means he chose to wage his war for oil without fear of war crimes charges. The argument is a fraud. In short, it is nothing more than rewriting the Nuremberg Laws that allowed the Nazis to conduct the Holocaust.

However, the real danger Iraq now faces lies ahead. Bush has appointed John Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq along with a couple of his former cronies from Central America. Negroponte was the ambassador in Central America during the 1980s responsible for covering up the massacres by the right-wing death squads. It�s a sure sign the Bush administration is planning on conducting a brutally repressive Phoenix-styled program in Iraq. Such a program will allow right-wing death squads to terrorize anyone and freely conduct murders and massacres of anyone that does not follow the Bush line obediently.

The death of Reagan came at the most fortuitous time for the Bush regime. The media attention is now focused away from the criminal liability of this administration in the torture at the Abu Ghraib prison and the vindictive exposure of Valerie Palme as a CIA agent. The Bush administration is already using his death for the maximum political effect to prop up their sagging poll numbers. The Bush administration has banned Democratic speakers from the funeral. Thus even in death, Reagan continues to serve the right-wing extremists. Fools can weep for dead tyrants; I'll piss on his grave.

Electing Reagan as president marked the beginning of America's slide into a hellhole of corporate fascism. Once again protesters face a shoot-to-kill order at the current G8 conference in Georgia. Let Reagan's death marked the end of corporate fascism and the Bush regime and a return to liberal populism and justice for all Americans

Presently the US faces no terrorist threat. This is obvious from the news of a protest in front of Rumsfeld's house. If there was a real threat those protesters would never have been able to get even close to his house. If there is any terrorist action taken this summer inside the US, it will be homegrown and orchestrated by the Bush regime just as the stand down on 9/11 was.

For more on the Bush family's criminal association with the Nazis go to the link below.

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