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Remember The Red And Blue States

From the Streets of Little Beirut

Glen Yeadon

In a week, Americans will be going to the polls to cast their ballots. No election before has aroused as much interest globally as the upcoming U.S. election. National leaders and their citizens worldwide will be watching intently and eagerly awaiting the results of the polls.

While the media polls in other countries show overwhelming support for John Kerry, the media polls in the U.S. indicate it will be a close race.

Moreover, this will be the most corrupted election in U.S. history with the level of corruption reaching that in third world banana republics ruled by dictators. In Florida, Brother Jeb has been pursuing another disenfranchising policy to remove Blacks and other Democratic voters from the polls. Early reports from states with computerize balloting that allows early voting indicates the machines are riddled with bugs. In Ohio, the Republican election commissioner demanded that voter registrations that were not submitted on 80-weight paper be thrown out. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin the Republican commissioner refused to print a sufficient number of ballots. In Oregon and other western states, a private firm conducting voter registrations tore up registrations from Democrats.

With the election still a week away, it is clear the Republicans are doing their utmost to prevent people from voting in what is suppose to be the citadel of democracy. They know the majority of the people oppose the fascist policies of George Bush and the Republican Party.

Americans trudging off to the polls next Tuesday will be facing more than a choice between Kerry and Bush or between a Democrat and a Republican. Once the curtain closes they will be facing a choice between freedom and fascism.

This election will not end at the ballot box. It will end either in the Supreme Court and we already know how the infamous five will decide or in widespread civil disorder leading to martial law, avoiding of the election, and civil war. Already both parties have dispatched an army of lawyers to key states.

The Bush regime does not dare to relinquish power. They are guilty of far too many hanging crimes, ranging from mass murder on 9-11 to numerous war crimes.

If the Bush regime is successful in stealing another election, it means the end of freedom for the U.S. They have already turned the U.S. into a police state, using the Patriotic Act to spy on and label the opposition as terrorists.

Don't cry for the passage of the democratic government. Weep for the real patriots that will be swept away to the concentration camps or whose blood will cover the streets, but above all else regardless of the outcome remember the red states.

Remember those who would welcome a fascist dictator and hold them responsible by boycotting the red states and companies headquartered in them. If the fascist sympathizers are not held responsible they will soon be ruling the world. Holding them responsible by economically boycotting them is an option anyone in the world can do.

For Canadians, Europeans, and citizens from other countries please don't blame all of us. Some of us are more opposed to Bush and have more to lose than you. Remember the red states and let the oranges rot on the trees in Texas.

For more on the connections between the Bush family and the Nazis click the link below.

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