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Steve Kangas Was A Journalist, Political Activist And Chess Teacher

Steven Robert Esh (he later transformed him name to Steve Kangas) was brought into the world on eleventh May, 1961. His folks were traditionalist Christians and he went to private strict institutes in South Carolina.

Subsequent to moving on from secondary school in 1979, Kangas joined the US Army. He was subsequently moved to military insight and gone through a year in Monterey (Defense Language Institute) learning Russian. He additionally invested energy at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas prior to being shipped off accomplish secret work in Central America.

In 1984 Kangas moved to Germany where he was associated with electronic snoopping on Soviet military units in Eastern Europe, investigating the records and revealing back to NATO. It was as of now he scrutinized his traditionalist political convictions.

Kangas left military knowledge in 1986 and turned into an understudy at the University of California in Santa Cruz. This experience moved him further to one side: "There, kindly professors pointed out to me the illogic of defending life by taking it, destroying the planet for a buck and shutting down schools to build more prisons. I am now thoroughly brainwashed to believe that kindness and human decency are positive traits to be emulated and encouraged." - Steve Kangas

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