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From the Streets of Little Beirut

Glen Yeadon

By 8:00 PM on Election Day, I was convinced that I was watching the slickest damn con job ever put over on the American people. The TV coverage was pitiful. The coverage lacked any details such as the vote tallies by counties in individual states. There were no reports of problems except for longlines because of a large turnout despite all the problems reported before the election. Further, all the key Kerry states were being labeled as too close to call despite overwhelming leads with up to fifty percent of the ballots counted. Finally, there was the explanation of why the exit polls were so wrong about the outcome. However, in the states where a paper trail was required the exit polls were well within their experimental error.

By now it's becoming increasingly clear that Bush stole another election. Once the results in western states could be predicted the vote tally in Florida could be juggled in favor of Bush. Once the outcome in the west was known the vote tally in Ohio could be juggled similarly. However, anyone watching the network news would be unaware of what was taking place and led to believe this was the smoothest election in history.

For example, in Palm Beach County Florida 542,835 ballots were cast for a presidential. A more detailed examination of the county's ballots reveals that only 454,427 voters turned out. That leaves a gap of 88,408 votes between the actual number of people voting and the number reported by the county. The county supervisor of elections is Theresa LePore, the infamous designer of the butterfly ballot of 2000 and a former employee of a close Bush associate.

In Franklin County, Ohio the Gahanna 1 precinct reported the total vote for presidential candidates was 8192 votes. However, there were only 4107 votes for the senate race. Moreover, only 4346 people voted in the precinct.

Ray Beckerman, a lawyer that worked the election hotline for three days in Ohio, including election day reports the only precincts with long lines, in which people waited as long as 10 hours to vote were in Black precincts or precincts near college campuses. Moreover, he reports that in Youngstown, Ohio touch screen voting machines that registered a vote for Bush whenever a voter pressed the John Kerry tab. Despite the report shortly after polls opened and repeated reports of the problem throughout the day the machines were used all day.

The network news were willing accomplices to the Bush junta. Kerry would not be allowed to lead in either electoral or popular vote tallies all night. Bush would never appear to be a loser the entire night.

Kerry's early concession is equally troubling and a possible participant in the election fraud. It was the media that vaulted him to the front-runner spot after the media torpedoed the campaign of Dean.

While election fraud is serious, there is a far greater danger. America is now a fascist police state---the Reichstag has burnt---the March 1933 election is over. The fuehrer is in power. The roundups for the concentration camps are coming.

In response to a massive increase in inquiries from Americans seeking to immigrate to Canada, Canada has responded that it will not consider opposition to Bush as grounds for political amnesty. The Canadian border is under surveillance by both IR and visible cameras mounted on 100-foot towers as well as mined for sound. In more remote areas the border is patrolled by pickup trucks on the ground and drone aircraft.

If you live inside the United States you are now part of the Fourth Reich. Dissent will be outlawed as will abortion. Social programs will be eliminated. Bush has already signaled his intention to destroy Social Security. Unions will be outlawed. Bush has already used threats to prevent any major strike in the last four years. Overtime pay will be eliminated, so will the minimum wage and the workweek extended to a mandatory 60 hours. Political opponents will face arrest for terrorism or treason. Environmental laws will be eliminated to free corporations to despoil what remains. Taxes on the poor will be raised, while the taxes on the rich will be reduced.

You will have no rights. Not even a right to live.

Young people both men and women will be drafted for cannon fodder to wage wars for the oil companies. Refusal will not be an option.

Martial law will replace the civil courts.

Democracy and freedom are dead.

This is the Fourth Reich.

This is Bush's vision for Amerika.

You have no escape.

You have one of two choices become a stormtrooper or a patriot.

The patriots are not smiling nor are they waving any flags today. They stand in total opposition to this regime.

Don't just sit there get off your ass and demand new elections with a paper trail in both Florida and Ohio.

If you choose to become a patriot use what time remains to gather supplies and be sure to keep a log of any stormtrooper that detains or arrests anyone legally opposing this regime. They will face justice at the end of a hangman's noose on Liberation Day just as every member of this regime, once convicted of the mass murder on 9-11 and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more on American fascism, including the extensive ties of the Bush family to the Nazis click the link to buy my book.

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