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Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture

From the Streets of Little Beirut

Glen Yeadon

Appalling, shocking, repulsive are some of the words used to describe the pictures taken by U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqis. With a flick of a camera's shutter, CBS's Sixty Minutes II had captured the essence of one of this war's dirty little secrets. The report jerked the world's collective conscience to attention and focused on the appalling behavior of U.S. troops in Iraq as the photos of the torture taking place at Abu Ghraib prison aired freely around the globe, except in two countries. In Iraq, the U.S.-controlled media banned the airing of the photos and in the U.S. the distribution was severely limited.

Repercussions followed immediately as the Bush administration desperately tried to contain the damage. On the first day after the airing of the photos, Bush feigned a personal disgust of the torture during a White House press briefing. A general, a sergeant, and some privates were dismissed and face possible charges. The administration blamed the incident on a few rogues who lacked proper training and claimed it was an isolated incident. The Pentagon appointed the general who was in charge of Camp X-ray to take over the managing of the prison in Iraq. Later in the week, Bush was forced to apologize. Every day brought new revelations. By the end of the week, the dust still had not settled as Seymour Hersh revealed the existence of a hitherto secret army report by Army Major General Antonio Taguba. The report is criminally damaging to this administration. Bush claims he has not seen the report and blamed Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld for failing to show him the report.

While the shutter captured the gruesome horror in graphic detail, it missed capturing the full scope of the incident, as did CBS. This was not an isolated incident. It was not the result of a few rogues. Rather this incident was the result of careful long-term planning. In fact, Bush and every other high official of this administration approved of the torture and we have their own words on that. The full scope leads down a dark trail, involving CIA mind control programs, child abuse/pedophile control rings, Nazi scientists, and the vital recognition of the Bush family's willful and voluntary association for more than 80 years with Nazi elements.

Within days of 9/11 members of the Bush administration including Bush proposed the use of torture. They claimed because 9/11 was an act of terrorism the Geneva Convention did not apply because terrorist suspects were not prisoners of war instead in an unprecedented form of Texas-style verbal gerrymandering suspects were to be classified as enemy combatants. Even in the shocking post 9/11 environment, this raised a few eyebrows among the liberals and those that value our constitutional rights. In fact, they even went further in supporting the assassinations of suspects that could not be captured

This is the real story behind the torture reports the media has left out. For those that still fail to remember how this administration approved torture, I suggest a trip to the local library and reading the immediate post 9/11newspapers. You will find that all the top officials Bush, Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Powell, and others approved the use of torture on terrorist suspects.

This incident was by no means isolated. A quick Google search of the web will reveal reports of torture and mistreatment of prisoners as early as January 2002. In a February 2002 article appearing in the Guardian, Wayne Madsen a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer told the Guardian the US was using two methods of torture. The first he referred to as "lite" torture or psychological torture. (Note this is the torture method linked to mind control and child abuse and will appear in an article of a later date.) The second method is "full-blown" torture.

In this second method the turns the prisoners over to a third country that has no limits on torture for interrogation. The interrogation proceeds oftentimes with an American overseeing the torture. Some prisoners have been summarily executed after the interrogation. The procedure of turning the prisoner over to a third country for interrogation is known as 'rendition.'

On March 11, 2002, the Washington Post published an article entitled "The US Behind Secret Transfer of Terror Suspects." The article quoted a U.S. diplomat saying, "After September 11, these sorts of movements have been occurring all the time. It allows us to get information from terrorists in a way we can�t do on US soil." The article reports that "Since Sept. 11, the US government has secretly transported dozens of people suspected of links to terrorists to countries other than the United States, bypassing extradition procedures and legal formalities, according to Western diplomats and intelligence sources." The article continues "The suspects have been taken to countries, including Egypt and Jordan, whose intelligence services have close ties to the CIA and where they can be subjected to interrogation tactics�including torture and threats to families�that are illegal in the United States, the sources said. In some cases, US intelligence agents remain closely involved in the interrogation, the sources said."

Moreover, this is exactly the procedure US Immigration officials used in deporting Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen to Jordan and then on to Syria. The hapless Canadian was waiting for a connecting flight to Canada after returning from Switzerland when immigration officials seized him. He reported being beaten in Jordan and then taken to Syria where he endured ten months of torture.

The unconstitutional Patriotic Act made it possible for immigration authorities to deport Mr. Arar. Furthermore, the act makes it possible for the US to take similar actions against US citizens. In fact, the act forfeits many of our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If authorities claim that a citizen is a terrorist or engaged in terrorist actions then the person has no right to a lawyer, no right to bail, no protection against unreasonable searches, and can be held indefinitely without charges being filed.

Bush has followed the same path Hitler took. The Nazis first passed euthanasia laws before murdering the feebleminded. They passed the Nuremberg laws before persecuting the Jews. The Patriotic Act is America's Nuremberg law. It is only one example of many of the steps the Bush administration has taken to avoid criminal charges. Another example is the Bush administration's insisted that those held in Camp X-ray and Abu Ghraib prison are enemy combatants and not prisoners of war. The stark reality of such labeling is nothing more than a mere play on words. US law has already established that these captives are prisoners of war by case law.

The case establishing the status of "civilian combatants," terrorists" or whatever euphemism one wishes to use as prisoners of war comes from a case during the Civil War when a Confederate ship was seized. The sailors captured were taken to New York and were regarded, as today's equivalent of terrorists since the US did not recognize the Confederate States as a country. The founder of Sullivan and Cromwell successfully defended the prisoners fixing their status as prisoners of war and saved them from hanging.

There are many examples of the Bush administration's collusion to avoid war crimes charges. Perhaps, the best example comes the Congress's passage of the Serviceman Protection Act introduced in congress by their cronies Tom Delay and Jesse Helms. The bill calls for an automatic invasion of the idyllic land of windmills and tulips. What raised the ire of the Bush administration against the stoic Dutch was simply Holland is home to The Hague and the World Court. While the bill pretends to protect US servicemen such as the privates charged with torture from a trial before the World Court, the bill is merely protection for administration officials. The World Court does not prosecute cases against military personnel when their country does. Thus those reservists charged with torture have nothing to fear from the World Court as long as the US brings them to trial which seems assured. The real protection from the bill extends to protecting cabinet-level officials and the president and vice president.

Furthermore, the Bush administration has bullied other countries into withdrawing their support for the World Court by using foreign aid as a club.

This leaves us with what the proper course of action should be. The low-ranking scapegoats have already said the CIA and even a civilian contractor ordered them to soften up the prisoners. In fact, Taguba's report named the civilian contractor, Steven Stephanowicz, of CACI International. The report recommended the army fire and reprimand him. While the Nuremberg trials clearly established following orders is no defense for committing war crimes there is some validity to the claim at the lowest level of the command chain. Certainly, they should be held accountable and sentenced accordingly.

However, the real war criminals lie at the top of the command chain at the cabinet level and above. When the President, the Vice President, and cabinet secretaries recommend committing war crimes it is an impeachable offense. Congress should be working posthaste in preparing the articles of impeachment against all of those involved including Bush and Cheney. Moreover, impeachment is not sufficient alone. They need to face serious charges of war crimes. The Allies made a serious mistake in Nuremberg in not hanging enough high-ranking Nazis. Let's not repeat the mistake.

Please check my site on a regular basis for the follow-up article on the links between the Bush family, their network of loyalist criminals, the intrigue of the Nazi war criminals imported after WW2 to staff the psychological warfare operations of the intelligence agencies, and the common racist eugenics theology that was funded by the Bush/Harrimanenterprise. It is not without coincidence that this White House and its heavily influenced PNAC agenda are linked. This link is the genome-specific bioweapons called for in policy papers published by the PNAC members. That is racial warfare and we all need to be well educated to the dark path these men have chosen.

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