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George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: The Ties That Bind - War President

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

George W. Bush likes to call himself the "WAR" President. War President---MY ASS!!!--- WAR-MONGERING MORON---IS MORE LIKE IT!!! America has not been attacked by any foreign power. America is not at war.

This chickenhawk moron dodged the draft during the Vietnam War. His rich daddy bought him a position in the Texas Air National Guards. This was even more than the privileged boy could handle so he went AWOL for over six months.

In the last two weeks, with the election campaign heating up two prominent Republicans have come out with ludicrous remarks that it would be akin to treason to vote against Bush. The first, was Republican National Chairman, Racicot. Racicot was quoted as " Senator Kerry crossed a grave line when he dared to suggest the replacement of America 's commander-in-chief at a time when America is at war," while implying that Kerry was a traitorous renegade. Just to remind the snide Racicot, Kerry happens to be a war hero. He has the medals to prove it. The Army doesn't award Purple Hearts out for catching syphilis, in some Mexican whorehouse, while guarding the skies of Texas from VC infiltrators.

The second, Republican to make such charges was Oklahoma's, Representative Tom Cole. Cole started a vote against Bush was like voting for Hitler. Cole then added: " If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election." It appears according to the logic of Congressman Cole that Osama bin Laden has already won the election since Mr. Cole apparently doesn't believe in free elections.

Such, ignominious charges leave the Republican Party speaking out of both sides of its mouth. Does anyone remember the vicious campaign of Tricky Dick and his "Secret Plan" to end the war in Vietnam? Tricky Dick had no plan to end the war but he did have a plan to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks of LBJ. Nixon used the wife of General Chennault as an intermediary with the South Vietnam Premier. By promising the Premier, he would get a better deal with Nixon; the Premier stalled the Paris talks. Once it was clear that Nixon's re-election depended upon ending the war Nixon signed the same peace treaty that was available in 1968 after a few cosmetic changes. Half the names on the Wall died needlessly and in vain.

Maybe Racicot and a few more of these Republican authoritarians need to be reminded of the Republican campaigns in 1944. While the Battle of the Bulge was raging in Europe, Republican candidate Dewey was making ignoble charges against Roosevelt delaying the end of the war by insisting on an unconditional surrender. Several people with ties to the Republican Party had conducted secret and unauthorized talks with the Nazis and were willing to accept a peace treaty that removed Hitler but left the Nazis in power usually with either Himmler or Goering as Chancellor.

In the previous 1940 election, former President Herbert Hoover worked closely with officials in Berlin to bring about the defeat of FDR. In fact, the Republican Party accepted funds from Berlin for the 1940 elections. While the total amount of Nazi funds the Republican Party spent during the 1940 election cannot be determined precisely, it was not less than one-third of the total amount spent.

Incidentally, the moron's grandfather, Prescott Bush had a total of twenty-three firms seized for trading with the Nazis. The New York papers referred to Prescott as Hitler's Angel. He was Hitler's American banker.

George w. Bush has waged war against the people of Afghanistan, and Iraq for oil. He has kidnapped the President of Haiti. He has supported rebels, trained in Florida to overthrow the peaceful government of Venezuela. Further, it's clear the White House ordered the air force to stand down on 9-11 and allow the highjackers to achieve their destruction.

It is time for regime change in Washington. Furthermore, if as a country we are not willing to charge and punish our war criminals then it's time for the Hague to issue the wanted posters.



George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: The Ties That Bind

From the Streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

Numerous writers have compared the Bush tactics with those

used by Hitler, while others have documented the connection

between Prescott Bush and the Nazis. However, there is much

more to what has to lead the Bush regime to transform the United

Stated into a fascist police state. Few people are aware that

it is the Republican Party that paid for Nazi broadcasts in

the 1930s or that the GOP employed Nazis in election

campaigns. Fewer are aware that Herbert Hoover conspired with

top Nazi officials in Berlin to unseat Roosevelt in 1940

election. Others have forgotten that George Bush senior as

chairman of the Republican Party set up the ethnic heritage

groups of the party as havens for former Nazis or that he

employed known Nazi war criminals on his campaign staff.

Moreover, as the New York Republican convention nears

convening, it is increasingly obvious that protestors will be

dealt with brutally. New weapons such as a sound blaster

developed for the military are already in place in New York

blurring the lines between the military and civilian affairs.

Over fifty protestors are being tightly watch and tailed,

their only crime is their opposition to Bush. The Republican

governor has suggested that free speech is not a right but a

privilege that can be revoke. Additionally there is a massive

operation going on in Florida and other states to deny Blacks

their right to vote. Finally the Bush administration is using

terror alerts to frighten voters and to condition them to the

possibility of a canceled election. These and similar tactics

are no different than the tactics Hitler's brown shirts


There are numerous connections between the Bush family and the

Nazis. Moreover, the philosophy of the neocons within the Bush

administration has already been connected with fascism.

However, no article has attempted to present an overview of

the fascist connections within the Bush administration. This

article will begin to outline the fascist connections between

the present Bush administration and the Nazis, using a

two-prong approach. The philosophical roots of Bush and the

neocons can be traced back to one of America's notorious


Several authors have already noted the link between senior

members of the Bush administration and the fascist Leo

Strauss. However, exploring further the philosophical roots of

Bush administration, we see that this connection leads back to

the robber barons and the empire of J.P Morgan. Due to the

natural congeniality between the robber barons and the

corporate state of fascism, most of America's leading

industrialists became America's leading supporters of fascism.

They were responsible for bringing Hitler to power and for

building Hitler's war machine.

Strauss is nominally portrayed as a Jewish refugee from Nazi

Germany. However, Strauss wasn't the hapless Jewish refugee

that he is purported to be. Strauss adopted Zionism at the age

of 17. There is a close and sinister association between

Zionism and the Nazis. Many of the Zionists supported Hitler

and the Nazis. In fact, the Nazis concluded a transfer

agreement with the Zionists. The Zionists were attempting to

limit the choices available for Europe's Jews to two choices:

immigrate to Palestine or perish in the Holocaust.

As a student, Strauss began studying the philosophers that

provided the basis for fascism: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and

Schmitt. He became a devoted lifelong follower of their

philosophy. Strauss's philosophy and views became increasingly

fascist as his studies progressed. The hallmark of Strauss's

philosophy was his belief in a totalitarian government. He

rejected all principles of natural law and believed in keeping

the masses ignorant and in general servitude.

Strauss left Nazi Germany with the warm commendation of the

Nazi jurist and philosopher Carl Schmitt. Schmitt was

personally responsible, in 1934, for arranging a Rockefeller

Foundation scholarship for Strauss, which enabled him to leave

Germany, to study first in France and then England. He arrived

in the United States from Britain in the fall of 1937. Briefly

appointed Research Fellow in the Department of History of

Columbia University, he then became a member of the graduate

faculty at the New School for Social Research in 1938.

The New School of Social Research was founded in 1919, a year

after Willard Straight's death from influenza. Straight had

been a partner of J.P. Morgan. He believed that America's

security depended upon the British fleet and that it was in

the United States' own interest to enter the war. At the same

time, he saw the war as an opportunity for American bankers

and industrialists to make substantial gains internationally

at the expense of Britain. Morgan was an anglophile and

believed in the entry of the U.S. in the war. In 1915,

Straight left the Morgan empire for a position with the

American International Corporation, itself affiliated with the

National City Bank.

In 1914, Straight and his wife Dorothy (maiden name, Dorothy

Payne Whitney) invited Herbert Croly to edit the first edition

of the New Republic, a new magazine founded by Straight. During

WWI, J.P. Morgan was obsessed with the media and endeavored to

control it. Providing backing for the New Republic had a

threefold purpose for Morgan. Firstly, it would keep him

abreast of the thinking in left-wing circles. He even had an

inside man in the communist press. Secondly, Morgan believed a

magazine such as the New Republic allowed the left to blow off

steam, thus acting as a safety valve. Finally, he also

believed it would give him a power of veto on any actions

originated by the left, in case they ever went radical.

Funding the New Republic was not the only effort funded by

Morgan to gain control of the press. In 1915, he got together

12 leading men within the newspaper business and commissioned

them to determine how one could control the national press.

They agreed that, to control the national press, all that was

needed was to control 25 of the most influential papers.

Morgan immediately sent emissaries to purchase the editorial

the policy of the 25 selected papers. Morgan also used his money

to form the American Legion and to craft it into a union

busting and redbaiting group of hired thugs that ran amok

during the 1919 Red Scare terrorizing and murdering countless

union leaders and leftists.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was another Morgan

front group aimed at controlling the American people. The CFR

evolved out of the Rhodes Roundtable group during WWI. Most of

the early members were Morgan employees who had met their

English counterparts during the Paris Peace Conference. The

CFR was a bridging group between the Morgans and the

Rockefellers and the Rockefellers provided much of the

financial support. As the Rockefeller fortune came to outgrow

the Morgan fortune, the CFR became more dominated by the

Rockefellers. Percy Rockefeller, a Skull and Bones member who

served on the board of the Morgan Guaranty Trust further

strengthened the bridge between the Morgan and Rockefeller


The New Republic certainly fits the blueprint of Morgan's

efforts to control the media. Initially, all outside

contributions had to be unanimously approved by its editorial

board. The New School for Social Research followed in the

footsteps of the New Republic. Straight's widow and the wife

of another J.P. Morgan partner, Mrs. Thomas Lamont, were

instrumental in establishing the New School. Two years later

in 1921, Alvin Johnson, the assistant editor of the New

Republic was named Director of the New School. Strauss

remained at the Morgan-connected New School for Social

Research for ten years. In 1948, he accepted a position at the

Rockefeller founded University of Chicago.

Not only was Strauss a promoter of fascist ideology, but his

entry into the United States and his work there through most

of his life was supported financially by two of the most

powerful American fascist families. While the dealings of the

Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil Company with the Nazis during

the war allowed the family the thin pretense that they were

not personally involved, other actions by the Rockefeller

family confirms their fascist ideology. It was the Rockefeller

foundation that provided funding for much of the Nazi research

into eugenics, including the funding for the twin research

conducted in the concentration camps by Mengele.

Strauss's connections to the neocons within the Bush

administration is well known at this point. Numerous other

neo-cons serving in the Bush administration or the American

Enterprise Organization, who founded the Project for the New

American Century (PNAC), were students and followers of

Strauss. Not only can this be seen in their dictatorial

approach but it is also visible in their strong pro-Israeli

views. An interesting aspect of Strauss's tenure at the

University of Chicago is that it is during his tenure that

both David Rockefeller and John Ashcroft received their

degrees from the University of Chicago.

The Rockefeller family played a key role not only in funding

Strauss but also in destroying the economies of Third World

nations. The Rockefellers have used the University of Chicago

and their various family foundations to promote an economic

policy of ruin. The laissez-faire economics promoted by the

Chicago school has failed numerous times in the past and was

one of the leading causes of the 1929 stock market crash and

resulting Great Depression. Such economic policies only lead

to global fascism and corporate rule, which are the prime goal

of the Rockefeller family.

This is evident in David Rockefeller's support of free trade

agreements, the World Trade Organization, and the World Bank.

These trade organizations and agreements have impoverished much

of the Southern Hemisphere with their draconian demands for

privatization and cuts in social spending. Moreover, these

trade agreements effectively reduce the government's role to

that of an enforcer of corporate policies. All of these free

trade agreements contain a clause setting up a tribunal

comprised of corporations to settle all disputes, including

claims against the government. The clause effectively bypasses

the court systems in signatory countries. In effect, these

clauses confer supreme sovereignty to multinational

corporations who answer to no one. Under these clauses,

corporations are free to claim environmental laws, labor laws

and other laws that are harmful to the company and cause

financial loss, which results in massive settlements against

the government and in the overturning of needed laws.

One of the chief advocates of these free trade agreements is

Dick Cheney, who has promised David Rockefeller that he would

deliver a hemisphere trade agreement before the end of the

current Bush administration.

Such unconstitutional trade agreements have become commonplace

as a result of the Rockefellers' ability to control and direct

economic thought in the United States. In essence, the

Rockefellers maintain a monopoly on economic theory. To

understand how they gained such control brings us back to the

1920s. During the 1920s, two economists rose to prominence:

Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich A. Hayek. Both were helped by

Rockefeller money. Von Mises toured the United States in 1926.

The tour of American Universities was sponsored by the Laura

Spelman Rockefeller Foundation and was greatly successful in

promoting the views of the Austrian School of Economics. Hayek

tutored personally David Rockefeller in economics.

In 1950, von Hayek was brought to the United States to teach

at the University of Chicago. He didn't teach economics, he

was actually made a professor on the Committee on Social

Thought. This was an exceptionally dangerous position for a

man that held the views von Hayek did. In 1945, von Hayek's

The Road to Serfdom was published. This poorly written book

was an attack on the concept of the nation-state. In it, von

Hayek argued that the nation-state was a hindrance to peace,

and socialism led to totalitarian systems, which treated their

citizens as serfs. In place of the nation-state, von Hayek

proposed a supra-national authority or world federation

consisting of the financial elite.

This elite would then be free to rule the world according to

their own interest. In 1947, von Hayek created the Mount

Pelerin Society made up of the financial elite of Europe, as

the first step toward his supranational authority. In the years

since the Mount Perlin Society has been influential in

creating numerous "conservative" think tanks, which promote

free-market economic policies for the Establishment. The

society has expanded to include the following think tanks: the

Heritage Foundation in 1973, the Fraser Institute in 1974, the

Manhattan Institute in 1977, and the Pacific Institute for

Public Policy Research in 1978.

The influence of the Chicago University on modern economics is

unprecedented. Since 1969, most of the Nobel prizes in

economics have been awarded to the free traders, despite the

spectacular failures of laissez-faire economies.

Economists who dare publish articles opposing the thought of

the Chicago University, are quickly ridiculed, their works

dismissed, and their careers wrecked. All this is a testimony

to the power of the Rockefeller family and its control over

economy and free thought.

The connection between the University of Chicago and fascism

was renewed in the 1960s under Pinochet in Chile. It was the

"boys from Chicago", students of Milton Friedman, who

destroyed the economy and reduced the citizens to serfdom in

Pinochet's fascist Chile, where dissent was eliminated by

right-wing death squads.

According to von Hayek's views, corporations are given the

status of sovereign nations while the nation-states are

reduced to mere quislings of the corporate state and enforcer

of their laws. This is the same agenda as that of the World

Trade Organization, the International Monetary fund, and the

many so-called "free trade agreements." Many of the Bush

neocons are further linked with von Hayek by their beliefs in

Mandeville. (Von Hayek rejected the idea that man was created

in the image of god and traced his philosophical ancestry to

the early eighteenth century Satanist, Bernard Mandeville.)

At this point, it becomes clear that the Bush administration's

philosophical roots are clearly grounded in fascist ideology

and in the fascist dogma of the corporate state. That these

roots come from two of America's richest families confirms

fascism as a top-down revolution by the elite to maintain

their control and power. The fascist roots of the Bush regime

are manifested in the operative side of its philosophy,

through the Psychological Strategy Board under Nelson

Rockefeller. C D Jackson served in the Eisenhower

administration; he was in charge of psychological warfare.

Both Bruce and Howell Jackson were part of the PNAC project,

the blueprint for the Bush regime.

A return to the partners of J.P Morgan provides the operative

connection between the Bush administration and fascism. Thomas

Lamont was a prominent figure in the 1934 fascist plot to

remove Roosevelt from office. The plot called for retired

Marine General Smedley Butler to lead the force --much of it

consisting of American Legionnaires-- to take over the White

House. Roosevelt would be given a chance to step down and 

cooperate with the plotters. If Roosevelt refused to let the

business leaders seize power, then the plotters would kill


However, Butler was an honorable man, and he leaked the

information concerning the plot to Roosevelt. Roosevelt knew

he could not simply dismiss it when it was connected with

several leading industrialists and bankers. To foil the plot,

Roosevelt leaked information about it to the press. The

resulting commotion in the front pages of the country's

newspapers undermined any efforts by the plotters to proceed.

Butler described his military career as follows.

"War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe,

as something that is not what it seems to the majority of

people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It

is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of

the masses�. I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe

for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and

Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect

revenues. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central

American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record

of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the

international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912

(where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the

Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In

China, I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way


A third partner of J. P. Morgan, Henry Davison, financed the

Yale Aviation Club, of which his son Trubee was a member. Many

of the Aviation Club members were also members of the Skull

and Bones secret society at Yale. The club gained fame during

WWI. Robert Lovett led the unit during the war. Artemus Gates

was another member. Trubee was injured in a crash during

training and never saw combat.

The most interesting aspect of this group of college aviation

buffs is how many of them later served in WWII on the

targeting selection committee. Henry Simpson, Secretary of War

and a former Bonesman appointed John McCloy as his Assistant

Secretary of War in charge of intelligence. Robert Lovett was

appointed Assistant Secretary of War for air. Directly under

Lovett was Trubee Davison. Davison held the position of

assistant chief of staff at A-1. Artemus Gates served as

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for air. James Stillman

Rockefeller served with the Airborne Command and Airborne

Center as assistant chief of staff.

Clearly, the Department of War, and particularly the command

for air had an unusually high number of members from the Yale

Aviation Unit and the Skull and Bones. Moreover, these

individuals all had extensive ties to Wall Street firms, which

had a history of doing business with the Nazis. Certainly, they

were able to influence the target selection in the air

campaign against Germany. Lovett was a lifelong advocate of

what amounts to terror bombing, the bombing of civilian


The air campaign against Germany left eighty percent of the

homes destroyed. Factory production was only reduced by twenty

percent. However, much of the reduction in factory production

came about not by damage to the factories, but from delays and

shortages of parts caused by the disruption of the

transportation system from bombing damage. For example,

Cologne was a city targeted for massive bombing attacks. While

the city lay in ruins, the Ford and I.G. Farben plants escaped

all but minor bomb damage. In Berlin, a city that had been

reduced to rubble from the bombing campaign, the Allies chose

the I.G. Farben building for their headquarters. It had

escaped all but minor damage from the bombs.

Robert Lovett and Prescott Bush were both Bonesmen employed by

Brown Brothers and Harriman. In fact, many of the top

directors and partners of Brown Brothers & Harriman were

Bonesmen. It was one of the main firms on Wall Street to have

extensive dealings with the Nazis.

The deals with the Nazis were so extensive at Brown Brothers &

Harriman that Prescott Bush had 23 firms seized from him for

trading with the enemy. Five firms were seized from Bush in

1942, another 18 firms were seized shortly after the war. The

18 firms had been allowed to operate during the war only

because seizing them had been judged detrimental to the war

effort and their continued operation posed little risk to the


Before the firms were seized, Prescott Bush hired the Dulles

brothers to conceal the Nazi ownership in these firms. Any

window of deniability slammed shut the minute Bush hired the

Dulles brothers to conceal the Nazi's ownership. This is when

it becomes treason by both Bush and the Dulles brothers. It

confirms that both parties knew that the continued operation

of these companies was in violation of U.S. policy and of the

Trading with the Enemy Act. Moreover, it confirms that both

parties freely chose to aid the Nazis when the U.S. was at war

with Nazi Germany.

The Wall Street law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell employed

both John Foster and Allan Dulles. Throughout the 1930s and

the early 1940s, the Dulles brothers were busy cloaking Nazi

ownership of numerous corporations and their cartel

arrangements with I.G. Farben. Not only was their work

treasonous in and of itself, but it also delayed the production of

war materials and munitions.

Aside from his 23 corporations seized for violating the

Trading with the Enemy Act, Prescott Bush was a leader in the

American eugenic movement. The American eugenic movement was

successful in the passage of sterilization laws in many states

for anyone judged unfit. These laws served as the basis of the

Nuremberg Laws were passed by the Nazis. Much of the Nazi eugenic

research was funded, even during the war, with money from the

Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation. The

Harriman's were also large financial backers of the movement.

After the war, John Foster Dulles, with the aid of Rockefeller

money, led a world tour of third-world nations stressing the

danger of population expansion of nonAryan races. George Bush,

Prescott's son has followed in his father's footsteps in

setting up population control in third-world nations through

the UN. In his first political race, George Bush campaigned

against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and as a member of

congress, he warned of the danger of too many Black babies.

While population control may be a laudable goal, in the hands

of the Bush family it becomes another eugenic tool aimed at

eliminating nonAryan races.

Moreover, Cold Springs Harbor, the center of eugenic research

in the 1920s and 1930s is still operating. It is currently a

leader of the human genome project. While the genome project

will undoubtedly provide many future medical benefits, Cold

Springs remain firmly under the control of the same families

involved in the American eugenics movement. Current directors

William Gerry and Allen Dulles Jebsen are the grandsons of

Harriman and Allan Dulles respectively.

The genome project provides the ideal cover to develop a

genome-specific bioweapon, a weapon with the sole purpose of

committing genocide on a massive scale. Such a weapon has been

described by the PNAC as a politically useful tool. The PNAC

is the road map George W. Bush is following as a "War


This is not the only link between the Rockefeller Foundation

and questionable programs. In 1931, with funding from the

Rockefeller Foundation, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads infected human

subjects with cancer cells. Rhoads later established the U.S.

Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and

Panama. It was named the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While

there, he began a series of radiation exposure experiments on

American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.

Following the war, Allan Dulles faced an investigation for

treason. While Dulles was crafty enough to escape the charges,

one of those aiding him in covering up his crimes was Richard

Nixon. While still serving in the navy, Nixon was given some

captured documents to review. The contents would have revealed

Allan Dulles as a traitor. In exchange for burying the

documents, Dulles agreed to fund Nixon's first political

campaign. Nixon's campaign benefited from large contributions

from a large New York bank connected with Brown Brothers and


Captured Nazi documents reveal they had a comeback plan. Their

plan to regain power after the war revolved around using their

friends or other fascist sympathizers in other countries --and

particularly in the United States-- to do their bidding while

rebuilding Germany. The documents note that, as late as 1944,

the Nazis were hoping for a Republican victory in the

presidential election because they would get an easier peace.

The second part of their plan aimed at provoking a war between

the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which would allow the Nazis to

retake power in Germany without U.S. intervention.

Politically, Eisenhower had a tin ear, and he was politically

na�ve. When John Foster Dulles approached him in Europe to run

for election in 1948, Eisenhower had no foreign policy concept

formulated. He was easily swayed by Dulles' idea of massive

nuclear retaliation, which led to the appointment of Dulles as

secretary of state. While Eisenhower was no Nazi and expressed

his hatred of Nazis and Germans in his letters to his wife, he

allowed the American Nazis like the Dulles brothers to gain a

great deal of control over his administration. Eisenhower

appointed Allan Dulles as CIA Director, and Prescott Bush and

John Lovett were Eisenhower's close golfing buddies. Prescott

Bush was also the driving force in selecting Richard Nixon as

Eisenhower's running mate. Nelson Rockefeller was appointed to

head the Psychological Strategy Board. Numerous employees of

Sullivan and Cromwell, the two Wall Street firms most involved

with the Nazis, held important positions within the


John McCloy and General Draper, both from the former Control

Council of Germany fulfilled important roles in the

Eisenhower administration. Nothing was left to chance in the

rebirth of the Nazis. In postwar Germany, the three most

powerful figures: John McCloy head of the Control Council,

Lewis Douglas, the head of the Finance Division of the Control

Council and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer were all

brothers-in-law. They all had wed daughters of Fredrick

Zinsser, a partner of JP Morgan.

While the American Nazis succeeded in gaining partial control

of the Eisenhower administration and were able to stoke the

fires of the Cold War, they failed to secure total control.

Although these American Nazis managed to dupe the tired old

general, they never succeeded in completely tricking him. Even

after suffering a debilitating heart attack the old general

refused to turn over the reins of power to Nixon, a man he

loathed. Before leaving office, Eisenhower realized he had

been duped and left us his rather cryptic warning about the

military-industrial complex, suggesting the dangers of

corporate rule.

Since 1960, Eisenhower's warning has gone largely unheeded.

Beginning with the rise of fascism and the elitism within the

Reagan administration, the military keeps taking up a bigger

portion of the budget, social welfare has been largely

eliminated --just as it was eliminated in Nazi Germany. Today,

under the regime of George W. Bush, it is clear that the

corporations within the military-industrial complex are in

control of the country. It allows Dick Cheney to pad his

retirement account at Halliburton with millions of dollars of

Halliburton overcharges for services not delivered in Iraq

War. Meanwhile, many of the soldiers are sent into combat

without body armor.

A recently disclosed top-secret document from the NSC reveals

that the NSC staff were instructed to cooperate fully with

Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force as it considered the "melding"

of two seemingly unrelated areas of policy: "the review of

operational policies towards rogue states," such as Iraq, and

"actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas

fields." The document suggests that Cheney's Energy Task Force

was actually a discussion for geostrategic plans for oil,

putting the issue of war in the context of the captains of the

oil industry sitting down with Cheney and laying grand, global

plans. This would confirm Bush's plans for regime change in 60

countries and his support for rebel forces opposing the

democratic government of Venezuela as well as the increasing

hostility of the Bush administration towards Iran.

Too many people still believe that fascism can't happen here.

It is happening here today. The Gestapo is firmly in place in

the form of Ashcroft's justice department. The FBI no longer

serves to protect the citizens; instead, it is being used to

protect this regime, by such means as the gagging of Sibel

Edmonds, for instance. The FBI is no longer primarily charged

with criminal investigation instead it's being used to enforce

this regime's policies and finally the FBI, other federal law

enforcement agencies and the military are illegally spying on

anyone opposed to this regime. Moreover, Representative Porter

Goss, Bush's choice to head the CIA has introduced legislation

that would allow the CIA to conduct operations inside the

United States including arbitrary arrests of American


Ike's military-industrial complex, the PNAC document, the

World Trade Organization, free trade agreements, and the

George W. Bush regime are all parts of the many-headed Nazi

Hydra in America.

If George Bush declares a red alert or martial law or manages

to steal another election, will you be one of the first sent

to the concentration camps? Will you go quietly like a lamb?

Will you allow the Gestapo to haul away your neighbor, your

wife, your son, or your daughter? Will you live next to the

crematories with your head in the sand as the Germans did? Or

will you oppose the regime and help reestablish the

constitutional republic?

The time to decide is now, tomorrow may be too late. The

corporate state of fascism has risen from the ashes of 9/11

like a giant phoenix. It will consume all that opposes it. The

Fourth Reich has risen. Beware. Your life and freedoms depend

on it.

For greater details into these connections and others and

complete documentation click the link below to the Nazi Hydra

in America.

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