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The White Rose

"This site is dedicated to those fallen heroes, who arouse from among their countrymen to battle right-wing tyranny and its triad of support hate, racism, and poverty. They came from all walks of life: farmers, laborers, ministers, and students, all had so much to give, all were idealists, and all were killed for menacing the tyrant's grasp on power. For this society will be forever indebted and grateful to them. The very freedoms that we enjoy today only came about through their efforts.

"Today as a nation we face the greatest threats to democracy and freedom than at any time in the past, the enemy is not from abroad but the enemy is from within. They are the extremist and odious members of what passes for conservatives in today's politics. They have attacked the very foundations of our government and the institutions that have made it great. We have yielded far too much ground in the 1980s our future freedoms depend upon stopping them now, we must fight now."

The White Rose - proudly and defiantly presents a large array of links and solutions to today's problems.

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