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Ghost Troop Mission 9112b - 1

Three Prediction Emails:

Greg Szymanski's article on Cheney's order to STRATCOM to nuke Iran, and Capt. May's all-important three prediction emails of June 25 and July 1, 2005, predict July 27, 2005, for the 9112B Event. These predictions precede the London synthetic terror event by a week, and were accurate to within a day about the date of 9112B, which occurred on July 28, 2005!.

A cyber-angel put up the Teknosis article to help Ghost Troop thwart the 9112B Event. The article appeared in the days before the grim prediction date and begins with Captain May's confrontation of NORTHCOM, the most powerful military command in North America: . It contains email threads and adds to the principal members of Ghost Troop, the friendly police posse made up of loyalist officers � police and military � and the Bush Boyz assets (like the Houston FBI) who were trying to shut Ghost Troop down before Ghost Troop could shut down their black operation

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