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Forest Lord Cernunnos Wall Sconce By Paul Borda

Forest Lord Cernunnos (wall sconce)

Cernunnos, the Forest Lord, also known by Celts as the Horned One, was the antlered God of the Forest and Prosperity, depicted here in great artistry by Paul Borda. Cernunnos often carried a sack that spilled out coins and grain. The right side of his face is decorated with holly, the left side is with oak and mistletoe. His classic torc is worn at his neck and his ram-headed snake coils are among the seven tines of his antlers. Cernunnos depictions are found all over Europe. Perfect for your altar space.


Artist Paul Borda creates all his Celtic, Norse, and Wiccan designs carved in wood - and old-world carving technique becoming a lost craft in our modern world.

Each design is hand-carved by Paul, then carefully molded to preserve every last detail of his design - right down to wood grain you can see in some pieces. They are then cast in museum-grade resin which holds all that detail and hand-painted in finishes like wood and stone.

Many of Paul's designs have also been turned into stunning jewelry - rings, pendants, earrings, and more for art you can wear every day.

Image of Forest Lord Cernunnos Wall Sconce By Paul Borda