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Butterfly Lizard (leiolepis Belliana)

The common butterfly lizard (Leiolepis belliana), or simply butterfly lizard, is a widespread species native to Asia.


The specific name, belliana, is in honor of English zoologist Thomas Bell.

Geographic range

It can be found in the forests of Indochina, Thailand, and Malaysia.


It is known for the beautiful patterns on its back and sides. It has yellow spots on its back and small orange and black lines on its sides.

Invasive species

This species has been introduced into the United States, in Florida. It seems to have an established population there.


It lives on land that has been prepared for agricultural uses, as well as open sandy land along the coasts.


Scientific classification

  • Kingdom - Animalia
  • Phylum - Chordata
  • Subphylum - Vertebrata
  • Class - Reptilia
  • Order - Squamata
  • Suborder - Lacertilia
  • Family - Agamidae
  • Genus - Leiolepis
  • Species - Leiolepis belliana


Common names

  • German: Prachtschmetterlingsagame
  • English:
  • Beauty butterfly lizard
  • Common butterfly lizard

Image of Butterfly Lizard (leiolepis Belliana)