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Online Courses for Basic, Advanced, and Certified Herbalist Training


About the Certified Herbalist Training Programs

To ensure that a student is receiving a complete and in-depth education in the practice of Chinese medical herbalism, we have developed the following programs. You may register for one of the programs below and receive a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing all coursework. In order to qualify for the Certified Herbalist Certificate from ICH, you must complete the entire series of courses listed below.

Note: Health professionals who have a background in Chinese Herbology may be able to skip some courses in the Comprehensive Herbalist Training (Program One) depending on their knowledge of Chinese Herbology. Please call or email us if you have any questions as to whether your background qualifies you to skip any courses.

Program 1

Comprehensive Herbology Training

Learn the Fundamental concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Program 2

Advanced Herbalist Training

This program covers the dynamics of herbal formulation essential.

Program 3

Certified Herbalist Training

Through Program Three you can earn your certified herbalist certificate.

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