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Project Coco

Koko, the gorilla who dominated communication through signing and turned into a mainstream society wonder, will be let go Saturday in a sanctuary in Northern California where she resided for quite a long time.

The western lowland gorilla died in her sleep Tuesday morning on June 19, 2018 at 46 years old, as per the Gorilla Foundation, which is headed by animal psychologist Francine "Penny" Patterson, who worked with and really focused on Koko since the primate was a year old.

Koko was renowned as quite possibly the most educated primate ever, loved by many all throughout the world. Under Patterson's tutelage, she educated in excess of 1,000 words in communication through signing and came to comprehend more than 2,000 words addressed her in English.

"She taught me more than I taught her, for sure, she had opportunities to show her brilliance and that�s what we saw. We saw a person, really. She had all the attributes of a person and then some." - Patterson

Brought into the world at the San Francisco Zoo, Koko was loaned to Patterson at 1 years old for a research project at Stanford University on interspecies interchanges. At the point when the zoo needed Koko back for rearing, Patterson raised more than $12,000 to formally adopt Koko.

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