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Alternative / Indie Pop / Dance

    Brigantine is an American synthpop band originating from central Indiana. The band's unique sound blends 80's new wave synth with indie rock and experimental instrumentation to create a variety of music spanning several genres. The band members' diverse musical interests and backgrounds combine to produce their authentic concepts and live performance. Brigantine has played shows throughout the Midwest performing anywhere from acoustic coffeehouse sets to headlining packed venues. They are also known around central Indiana for their annual ugly Christmas sweater tour. Stephen (guitar/vocals) and Elise (keys/vocals) Cummings have been making music together since 2008 and in 2015 they added bassist Madi Winnings and drummer Felicia Balderrama to complete the band's current lineup. Together they released their debut EP in early 2016 titled "MOVE" and are currently recording their first full-length album. The band's music has been played on local college radio programs as well as being featured in a live performance on public radio.

Genres: Acoustic, Rock, Synth-Pop, Indie Electronic, Indie Rock

Band Members: Elise Cummings, Stephen Cummings

Image of Brigantine