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Martin Schafer - Contact For Millenium Fallcon/ditto 12 Con 1999

Millenium Fallcon/ditto 12

The Millenium Fallcon/ditto 12 was a Minn-stf fallcon held jointly with a roving fanzine convention on 29�31 October 1999


         Millenium Fallcon/ditto 12 October 29 - 31, 1999

   Seems like Minicon is just too far away, doesn't it? You can spend

Halloween weekend with many of the same folks at our fall relaxacon:

The Millenium Fallcon. We're also teaming up this year with ditto 12,

a small roving convention for fanzine fans, their friends, and trufans

of all kinds. It'll be two conventions, with a single consuite, a light

track of programming, and lots of good people, all at the Radisson

Metrodome, 615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis.

   Memberships are $30/person; kids' memberships are $10 for

children 13 and younger. That price includes your convention T-shirt.

Please make checks payable to ditto 12. At-the-door rates will be

$40 adult/$15 kid, so register by 15 October 1999. Mail 'em to Karen

Cooper, 101 E. Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis MN, 55419. You

can call Karen with ideas, questions, comments, and gossip at (612)

823-1497, or e-mail her at {EMAIL ADDR REMOVED BY ARCHIVIST}


Note that the name of this convention is "Millenium Fallcon", not "Millennium Fallcon", much less "Millennium Falcon", of course. The additional 'l' was obviously on purpose, while the missing 'n' wasn't, but the usage was very consistent.

ditto 12 is being brought to you by these guys: Karen Cooper, Jeff Schalles, Martin Schafer, Dean Gahlon, David Emerson, Sharon Kahn

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