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Potlatch 16

About Potlatch

If you enjoy science fiction and want to spend a weekend with like-minded aficionados...

Potlatch is a little, artistic theoretical fiction show. It was begun in Seattle and switches back and forth between Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and at times Portland. 

Potlatch adds to the fate of speculative fiction with a sale profiting Clarion West, a serious six-week workshop for speculative fiction authors toward the beginning of their professions. At the point when you purchase books, craftsmanship, and novel hand-made things in the bartering, you are assisting Clarion West with aiding the understudies � understudies who may before long turn into your number one new essayist. 

Potlatch is where perusers and scholars meet on shared conviction. Everybody at Potlatch, regardless of whether peruser or essayist or craftsman or supervisor, is a fan. Potlatch has the absolute most fascinating discussions � and individuals � in the sci-fi local area. 

The principal Potlatch advisory group in Seattle concluded that Potlatch would not have a Guest of Honor. For Potlatch 2 the Bay Area board of trustees added the possibility of a Book of Honor. It has functioned admirably. The book isn't worshiped as may occur with a regarded visitor. The conversation incorporates the imperfections of the book just as its excellencies, and it is consistently smart and savvy.

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