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Joey Bed - Slide Out Storage Beds For Rv/trucks

Joey Bed, Inc. manufactures roll-out cargo drawers that organize and optimize the storage compartments of any vehicle. Joey Bed, Inc. currently supplies products to several law enforcement agencies for use in Patrol vehicles, Command vehicles, Bomb Squad units, Special Service vehicles, and more. With a variety of models and weight capacities up to 2000 lbs, you can store almost anything and are able to access it quickly and easily. Save time, energy and avoid injuries! Joey Bed roll-out cargo drawers are also stackable, maximizing the potential of your storage space. Each cargo drawer locks in multiple positions and is easy to install. Joey Bed, Inc. offers individual customizing to meet the needs of any organization.

Joey Bed, the easy rollout cargo drawer, makes loading and unloading your pickup, van, utility vehicle, or motor coach faster, easier and safer. Since 1985, Joey Bed's experience with tough construction and easy operation make our cargo drawers ideal for fleet, commercial, and individual use.

Joey Bed

2627 SE Holgate Blvd

Portland, OR 97202-4749



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