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Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

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Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

Before they ever met, Kate & Steve were blossoming musicians in Washington Square in Greenwich Village, New York in the sixties and moved respectively moved to Portland, Oregon in the late seventies. Kate and Steve connected over strings at the socially-conscious music center, Artichoke Music in the 1990s and have been harmonizing songs and life since 1994. Artichoke Music was passed on in 2006 and remains a significant non-profit community center. Kate and Steve continued on in the arts as musicians, teachers, artists, and raconteurs. They were the creative force behind the Ukalaliens Songbook and toured the country with dozens of ukuleles endowed by Kala Ukulele Co. Steve and Kate taught the uke to the uninitiated in small groups in cities and country towns to make music from scratch. 

Two lives in music, Kate & Steve have shared stages with folk luminaries like Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton and were featured on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion". Blues musician, Mary Flower, dubbed Steve & Kate �the Roy and Dale of Folk Music� for their friendly, inclusive approach to building community through music, storytelling, and compassionate teaching.

Kate & Steve have released a dozen albums of original and traditional music to date and contributed to countless music projects.

Kate was unanimously awarded the Grand Prize at the Kerrville Folk Festival for her song for her neighbor, 'Travis John', by an A-list panel of folk luminaries including Peter, Paul & Mary, and Judy Collins.

Kate & Steve continue to build community through music, art, writing, and teaching. They have recently relocated to Seattle, Washington where they may be found by day on all sides of the music at Dusty Strings on Fremont.

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