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Charges Dropped Against Rape Suspect

NEW BEDFORD -- The Bristol County district attorney dropped charges against two Stoughton men charged with gang-raping an Easton woman last year.

Citing a lack of evidence, the district attorney’s office decided Friday not to prosecute James Baker, 32, and his father-in-law, Arthur Weir, 55, after alleged victim Patricia Ross refused this week to testify about doctored tapes in the case.

The decision follows a series of test results -- including a DNA test -- that failed to back up Ross’ story.

Baker was arrested after Ross told police that Baker, her former lover, and three other men broke into her Easton home, raped her at gunpoint, then drove her to a garage and raped her again.

Weir was arrested four months later after Ross said she recognized his voice at a Little League game.

Ross later gave police tape recordings of harassing phone calls Baker allegedly made to her. Baker was charged with additional crimes related to violating Ross’ restraining order against him, according to court documents.

Baker claimed that the tapes were spliced compilations of conversations that occurred years ago. A Cambridge company, Sensimetrics, analyzed the tapes, as did the FBI’s Engineering and Research Division.

Both analyses determined that the tapes were “fraudulent,” according to court documents.

Baker’s attorney, Robert A. George, asked the court to examine her future testimony. At a hearing Tuesday, Ross invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

By The Associated Press

Posted Jul 23, 2000

Updated Jan 11, 2011

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