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The hidden half of domestic violence

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Harvard Law School on Domestic Violence

Here is some more information you may be able to use. I learned this from the Prosecutors TV show on the Discovery channel. This show is part of the Harvard Law School program.

  • (1) More men go to prison for killing wives than women go for killing husbands.
  • (2) Men serve longer sentences for killing wives around 16 years to women serve 6-8 years.
  • (3) More women are released earlier than men from prison.
  • (4) The domestic violence abusers based on gender is just about equal
  • (5) Women are more apt to start physical violence against their partners.
  • (6) Less than 10% of protection orders are ever extended. Most are issued to get the husband, father out of the house which will almost assure the mother custody of the children and possession of the home.

 You can get copies of this information and additional by contacting Harvard Law School. Because of this report,  several states have legislation to make false allegations a criminal offense. Lola Bailey

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