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Vancouver Car Sharing Co-op Trip Analysis

Vancouver car sharing

Summary of service

Evo is great for one-way short hops around town, if you need a bike/ski or racks, or are going to be doing some serious kms. But if you need the most competitive hourly rate, a larger choice of vehicles through the year (cars, trucks, vans, electric cars), then pick a Modo. Modo has some incredibly low hourly rates ($4-6) in the evenings and daily rates ($48+) that include fuel.

If you want to try the fully electric Hyundai Kona EV, sign up with Modo.

Car sharing in urban areas can deliver the perks of car ownership without the cost and stress. It is a complimentary service to public transport that has a lot of benefits. Click here to read more about the advantages of car sharing in Vancouver and other places.

Feel like signing up for one of the car-sharing services in Vancouver! You can avoid the sign-up fee and get some free driving minutes with my promo codes. I will get a small bonus of some driving minutes too if you chose to use these, but its at no cost to you.

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