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Art Nouveau Tarot Deck Review

Radiant Tarot propelled by Art Nouveau, its staggering full-shading representations make it a special and imperative Tarot. 

It is adorned in a dynamic shading style, with stained glass windows of the pictures. More seasoned arcana are sensibly conventional, while minor arcana are the ones in particular who recount the account of four couples who go through the hardships of life.

This is an appealing deck. The cards are encircled by an insignificant measure of landscape and a stained glass line. The tones are acceptable, with loads of sparkling blues of different tints, lavenders, purples, greens, and enough splendid accents to keep things fascinating. Individuals portrayed in this deck are generally delightful. 

The booklet that accompanies the deck is decent. It gives a short depiction of each card, including the storyline, and upstanding and turned-around understandings. The understandings are genuinely conventional, however, they are not generally obvious from the scenes portrayed.

This deck is for the individuals who are searching for an alluring deck, not very far eliminated from the Waite-Smith.

Creator: Matt Myers

Cards: 78

Card Dimensions: 2.87 x 4.37 in.

Major Arcana: 22

Minor Arcana: 56

Image of Art Nouveau Tarot Deck Review