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Review Of I Tarocchi Di Dante E Dei Fedeli D'amore Tarot Deck

The title translates as 'Dante and the Believers of Love Tarot.'

Inspired by Dante, the fourteenth-century creator of The Inferno, this deck uses Rider-Waite-Smith imagery while carrying new life to the actual cards. With fine-art suggestive of the late medieval times mixed with contemporary reasonableness, this deck is a brilliant choice for tarot collectors who are searching for a deck with its interesting energy. Borderless edges and splendid shadings make this a genuine fortune that mirrors Dante's experiences into the human journey to be with the heavenly. 

A brilliant tarot deck by Italian craftsman Wolfgang Poggi, its Minor Arcana outlines scenes from Dante's works. Distributed in 1983 by USG, it's no longer available and a collector's item. A portion of the images is sketchy, even for Tarot use.

The cards are large, presumably like the Visconti Sforza. It has gold and silver accents and the deck is overlaid-edged. 

A portion of the pictures can be upsetting, but they are so wonderfully made. Exquisite deck. 

Lively tones with the gold ink; a brilliant duplicate of an amazingly hard-to-find tarot deck. 

This is a 78 card Italian workmanship deck. The cards are bigger than normal at 3 1/2" X 6 1/4". 

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