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Tarocco Di Della Rocca By Il Meneghello Tarot Review

Tarocco di Della Rocca by il Meneghello is an entire 78 card Tarot deck. It is a limited, numbered version of just 350 arrangements of the greatest quality. These cards are unique line drawings on cream-hued, durable card stock. Conceivably perhaps the most delightful nineteenth-century etching in a tarot deck, it has been designated "Soprafino", or very fine. 

"Around 1830, Ferdinand Gumppenberg a German printer who had moved to Milan in 1809 asked etcher Carlo Della Rocca to make him a deck of tarot cards. 

Della Rocca had concentrated under etcher Giuseppe Longhi (1766-1831), yet never accomplished his degree of notoriety. To be sure, even though he was very well known in his time, we have no record of his date of birth or demise. 

His tarot cards highlight the four customary Italian suits blades, cudgel, cups, and coins and an imaginative plan that affected many card creators during the 1900s."

This tarot deck has been reprinted and colorized, an exceptional set for collectors of both monochromatic and color.

(22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana)

Tarocco di Della Rocca

Artist: C. Della Rocca, Milan 1830

Originally Commissioned for Gumppenberg

Dimensions: 4.92'' x 2.56 inches, 12.5 x 6.5 cm

Publisher: Il Meneghello, 1998

Image of Tarocco Di Della Rocca By Il Meneghello Tarot Review