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Tarocchino Milanese A Doppia Figura Review

The Tarocchino Milanese a Doppia Figura Tarot deck is a reproduction by Bordoni around 1880. Imprinted in Italy as a restricted and numbered release of 2000 by Il Meneghello. The cards arrived in a strong cardboard box with a wax seal of Il Meneghello.

This beautiful deck is one of the earliest known to have double figures(mirror impressions of the pictures on the cards) utilized for the game Tarocchino. 

The original was the shaded lithograph and has the back imprinted on a different sheet and stuck to the cards, with the edges folded over the front. This version additionally duplicates the edges of the paper on the front. 

A rare deck that has been out of print and is currently hard to find

Number of Cards: 78 

Major Arcana: 22 

Minor Arcana: 56

Includes leaflet

Image of Tarocchino Milanese A Doppia Figura Review