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Le Jeu Divinatoire Tarot

Non-standard deck of 27 Majors, nineteen of which clearly relate to traditional tarot archetypes. Non-tarot divination cards created by clairvoyant Yaguel Didier. An earlier version of Didier's deck was printed in 1986 as a fold-out page in 'Madame Figaro' magazine.

The Divinatory Game was created by the Medium Yaguel Didier and illustrated by the artist Marina Karella. It has been published since 1991 by Editions Robert Laffont.

Here is the advice of Yaguel Didier who gives us here a real practical introduction to the art of clairvoyance. A presentation of the game, the keys to decipher the message of the cards and their combinations: love, relationships, work, travel, children´┐Ż The book is accompanied by a magnificent set of 27 cards.

Predictive Yes

Box Book with integrated maps / 20.5 x 11.5 cm

Cards 27 cards / Satin-finished

Card Dimensions  12 x 7 cm

Included  Paper black and white 186-page book

Image of Le Jeu Divinatoire Tarot