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Tarot Of The Origins (tarocchi Delle Origini)

This is a 22-card, Majors-just deck distributed by Lo Scarabeo. The cards are covered to be bright, the edges are sharp and are not rounded, which hinders reading with them. The deck arrives in a silk-screened dark and white paper slipcase with a wraparound in a similar marbleized paper encasing the pack. There are many artistic decks out there, and the majority of them can be used to read with, to some degree, but this deck is mainly used for the artist's expression. Using the 22 Majors as a format, this limited deck intends to show the artist's vision. The cards bear titles in Italian, however not the customary ones, and a few cards appear to have completely new ideas. Tarocchi Delle Origini, which interprets of in English to Tarot of Origins. The subject is by all accounts, Primitive Man. The illustrations stand out, the refined pen, ink, and watercolor craft of the artist Sergio Toppi are captivating. The Tarot of Origins is a work with an ancient topic. Wild creatures, chasing, bones, blood, trees; pictures of the lives of our Stone Age ancestors. This deck is for individuals who are drawn to native art and portrayals of prehistoric man. 

Artist: Sergio Toppi

Cards Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 3 1/16

Number of cards: 22 Majors

Language: Italian

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo (1989)

Image of Tarot Of The Origins (tarocchi Delle Origini)