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Tarocco Storico Del Palio Di Pistoia - Review

This deck was drawn by Tarot artist Amerigo Folchi and includes a folded leaflet in Italian. This deck recounts the history of the Italian city of Pistoia and its festival (Palio). The craftsmanship is effectively unmistakable as Folchi's, and like the entirety of his work, is itemized and vivid with pastels, pen, ink, and watercolor. The Major Arcana have the conventional names, yet in Italian. The card name and number are in the baseline. This is an artist's deck, and there are some fascinating changes concerning the Major Arcana scenes.

The suits are Bastoni, Denari, Coppe, and Spade. The court comprises Re, Regina, Cavallo, and Fante. The Minors are pips that show the imperative number of suit images on checkered foundations - red and white for Denari; green and white for Bastoni; red and green for Spade; and red and yellow for Coppe. The suits address the four locale of the city and the tones are from their separate standards. . The backs have a Sun, Lion and peak plan in red and earthy colored, with the distributer's name and the time of distribution. It is bundled in a slip sleeve and box.

This deck would be primarily of interest to collectors since it is currently out of print and limited to 2000 sets.

Author: Amerigo Folchi

Number of Cards: 79

Card Dimensions: 4 7/16" x 2 9/16"

Publisher: Edizioni del Solleone (1985)

Language: Italian

Image of Tarocco Storico Del Palio Di Pistoia - Review