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Prediction Tarot - Review

This tarot deck was used to illustrate several books by British tarot writers, explicitly those distributed by the Aquarius press, which nonchalantly distributed this cover. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. The scenes comprise essentially of an enormous focal character or scene with few subtleties in the backgrounds, aside from the skies, clear or not. Richardson utilizes white blended in his shades to deliver a delicate agreeable shading range. He paints each lavish line and the number and title boards anew, not at all like most tarots created on computers these days. 

The faces are hard, rough, and unattractive and generally seem bored or miserable. The tones are quieted. Major Arcanes keep conventional names. Equity is VIII and the power is XI. The sticks are Swords, Staves, Cups, and Coins 

The booklet gives brief upstanding and switched understandings. The Minor Arcana understandings will, in general, be more certain or peppy than the customary.

This deck would primarily for collectors or enthusiasts.

Author: Bernard Stringer, Peter Richardson.

Number of Cards: 78.

Card Dimensions: 2 3/8 X 4 3/8

Brochure with instructions

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