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Tarocco Di Sissi Tarot Deck

Il Tarocco di Sissi (Collection)

It comprises 78 cards in addition to a handout with directions in Italian, English, and German. A true numbered masterpiece of only 3000 sets around the world. Presently, most sought after by collectors all over.

The Tarocco di Sissi is one of the remarkable decks of the artist Amerigo Folchi. Consequently, Sissi praises the existence of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, otherwise called Sissi. 

The illustrations on the cards are done in beautiful watercolor, pen, and ink.

Creator: Amerigo Folchi 

Number of Cards: 78 card deck limited to 3000 decks.

Card Dimensions: H110mm x W70mm

Major Arcana: 22

Minor Arcana: 56

Pamphlet with directions. 

Language: Italian, English, and German.

Published by: Italcards, Bologna.

Image of Tarocco Di Sissi Tarot Deck