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Stone Tarot - Review

This 78 card deck is from a series of oil canvases done over the years. It is named after the artist, Alison Stone. The artistry here is in the wonderful shading, most likely through the use of transparent oils on a brilliant white ground. The figures depict cold gazes that allure us into their atmosphere. The color tones were picked to "inspire the otherworldly and passionate implications of the cards." You can frequently see the brush strokes and one can see that the artist went to incredible lengths to guarantee that the printed cards were as close to the original colors as could be expected. A portion of the shadings used are fairly uncommon, nonetheless, these tones don't reduce the deck's quality. 

Many tarot enthusiasts will like the Court Cards and Minors over the Majors, due to their artistic nature. 

The deck accompanies a single folded leaflet that gives directions to the Celtic Cross Spread, and brief upright and reversed meanings for each card, which are Golden Dawn-based. 

Name: Stone Tarot

Creators: Alison Stone

Cards: 78

Card Dimensions: 3 1/4 X 5 inches

Included: Leaflet

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