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Review On The Templar Tarot

This Templar Tarot deck is, generally, devoted to the artist's depiction of people festooned with horns and skulls. The artist decided to make the cards borderless, showing a longing to take out any obstructions that could meddle with somebody "entering" the work of art itself. One of my favorites, the Hermit card is ethereal and stunning. The Ten of Cups shows an ideal scene of homegrown ecstasy, especially in the Rider-Waite-Smith custom. Indeed, a considerable lot of the cards follow that deck's organization, which makes this deck simple to read. The artist depicts the cards in a psychedelic manner with flowing colors. The deck itself is very much made, with smooth edges, rounded corners, and a matte finish. The cards are bigger than standard, at 3.50 x 5.00 in. The booklet is written by Daria Kelleher, who is portrayed as a tarot user who researched the Knights Templar. Whether you like it or hate it, the Templar Tarot a very coherent and all-around valued, expertly done independently published deck with 79 cards, "Magic Flute" is an extra.�

Name: Templar Tarot

Creators: Allen Chester

Cards: 79

Major Arcana: 23

Minor Arcana: 56

Card Dimensions: 3.50 x 5.00 in.

Included: Booklet (54 pages)

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