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Tarocco Soprafino - Soprafino Tarot For Sale - Sold

Created by the engraver Carlo Dellarocca in Milan in 1835 for the printer Ferdinando Gumppenberg. An exquisite deck in 78 cards, refined and elegant, created for the Milanese elite of 1800.

This is a Meneghello limited release production of the original "soprafino" deck, an Italian word indicating precious and elegant. The word in a real sense signifies "super-fine" which may interpret as "ultra-refined" or "exorbitantly rich", and was initially distributed by Gumppenberg in Milan. Taking a gander at the King of Batons, the name of the artist C. Dellarocca is recorded on a plinth, and the going with a card, bearing which number you have (out of a sum of 2,000), additionally records the date as 1835.

Cards: 78

Card Dimensions: 2.09 x 4.17 in.

Major Arcana: 22

Minor Arcana: 56

Publisher: Il Meneghello 1992

Included: Two page leaflet

2.000 numbered sets.

Image of Tarocco Soprafino - Soprafino Tarot For Sale - Sold