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Greg Titsworth

Independent Financial Services Professional

Greg Titsworth is registered with ING Financial Partners, Inc., a member of SIPC, as his Broker/Dealer. All transactions are cleared through Pershing or directly with a fund or life insurance company. Greg performs all research himself. All recommendations are based upon what is best for the individual. Mutual funds and annuities can be purchased through your brokerage account with Pershing (see above) or can be sent in directly to the mutual fund or annuity sponsor. When a purchase is sent directly through a sponsor, your assets are held directly with that particular company. You receive statements from them and can add them to your account through regular (automatic bank draft) investments if you wish. Expenses are obviously an important part of investing since they affect your total returns. Greg is a full-service broker. As such, the commissions will be comparable to those that you will find at other full-service firms. Mutual fund and annuity companies set their own fees, and those fees are outlined in the prospectus for mutual funds or variable annuities. The expenses incurred not only account for immediate transactions, but for ongoing servicing as well. We suspect that you will find the level of service to be much better with Greg than anywhere else. He has been building his business based on long-term relationships. This means that you can expect him to pay attention to your portfolio (on your behalf) for many years to come.

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