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An e-zine is an online magazine that is related to a specific niche/market and generally is building huge lists with very targeted subscribers in that particular niche/market. There is a great advantage to getting into e-zine marketing and making it part of your traffic-generating methods.

When marketing to a huge audience as targeted as e-zine traffic you will gain a big boost in traffic and authoritativeness in your niche. How are you going to drive traffic from e-zines? There are only two ways to drive traffic from e-zines free or paid. There is always a free way to get the traffic you just need to know-how. Let us begin with the free traffic generation from e-zines.

Free E-zine Traffic

There is one way and only one way to leverage traffic from e-zines for free. This is article writing. Keep in mind that you are writing for an online magazine, and most of these do have offline magazines as well. You want to make sure to write an article that is completely original for each e-zine you are submitting to. You must gain a good amount of knowledge about the subject of your article, so you can provide quality to their subscribers when your article is sent out.

When you submit your article to e-zines they will generally send your article out to their list of subscribers. Remember when I mentioned e-zines build huge lists, this is where you can take advantage of that and drive traffic without a list of your own. When you write a good quality article and the e-zine approves it the traffic you can potentially get from your article is astonishing.

Do not let this scare you article writing is not that hard and can be done, and you don�t have to be a pro in your niche. All you have to do is write something that gives the e-zines subscribers something of relevancy and stands out from the pack a bit.

Be very creative with your writing, and stay focused. Don�t get caught up with using big words and trying to know more than you do. Be precise and gain attention from the subscribers and the e-zine owner.

E-zine Marketing Paid

The easiest way to get your message sent out to an e-zine list is to pay for advertising in their current newsletter. This can come in the form of solo ads, classified ads, and banner ads.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are just that, an email sent out to an e-zines list that is all about you and your message, backlinking to your site. With a solo ad, you can gain attention and drive good targeted traffic to your site. There will be guidelines that you must follow when creating a solo ad. This is up to the e-zine as well as price. I have seen solo ads as low as $50 and as high as $4000, so it can be done if your budget is low.

You can leverage a solo ad by sending that traffic to a squeeze page building your list, a review page of a particular product in the niche you are in, or a sales page of your own product or someone else�s.

The traffic from a solo ad is already targeting and the chance of a new visitor to your site taking action is much greater than general advertising. See what solo ads can do for you.

Classified And Banner Ads

Classified�s and Banners fall in the same category. Your ad will be placed in a specific location within the newsletter and ad cost depends on placement. With classifieds, you are writing text in order to generate a click, and with Banners, you are displaying an image to generate clicks.

You will usually pay for 1 to 5 issues of the newsletter for which your ad will be displayed. Some e-zines will let you pay a cost per impression, but for the most part, it will be per issue.

Classifieds and banners are generally much cheaper than solo ads, but do take testing and time and can add up. They do work and you can experiment, but if you are looking to pay for advertising with e-zines I highly suggest solo ads.


EBooks are a great way to learn more about specific topics of interest to you. In the coming weeks, we will be adding many more free titles by noted authors and professionals. All of the publications are Windows compatible but some do require Internet Explorer for viewing. We hope you enjoy the selections provided below. Check back often for new additions

Get Published (1.64Mb) by Michael Southon

A directory of ezines that accept article submissions.

Download Here

Get the Most from Ezine Advertising by Pamela Heywood (864K)

There is a no better, cheaper, nor more targeted way to promote your product or service than by ezine or newsletter advertising. Ezine ads reach people who want what you have to offer, directly in their mail inboxes.

Download Here

The ePublishers Resource Book by R. G. Ramsey (3.34M)

Provides information for anyone serious about publishing and promoting an ezine.

Download Here

eBooks - A Complete Guide to Self Publishing by Shelley Lowery (1.06M)

Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing was written to assist you in not only creating your own ebook but also to show you how simple it really is to make money on the Internet.

Download Here

Your Ezine Planning BluePrint by Heidi Ross (416K)

Planning out your ezine is a multi-step process. However, planning is necessary for your ezine to succeed. You will also need to put a lot of hard work into your ezine to make it a success. Your ezine will not become a success overnight.

Download Here

Unleash the Power of the Internet by Linda Caroll (704K)

If you want to produce an ezine, this book will give you the tools, templates & resources to get your ezine up & running! An internet business can grow at lightning speed and an ezine can be the fuel to skyrocket your business!

Download Here

How to Publish your own Newsletter by Information Unlimited (416K)

The only reason to advertise in ezines is to sell more of your products and services to their highly targeted opt-in subscribers. This ebook will show you how and where to advertise to get the maximum ROI.

Download Here

How to Design and Publish your own Successful Online Newsletter / E-zine! (929Kb) by Paul Easton

The information, ideas, contacts, and links, contained in this e-book will assist you in turning your dream of your own newsletter/e-zine into a reality!

Download Here

"How to Write Ezine Ads That Guarantee Results" (330Kb PDF File) by Merle

Ezine advertising is a great way to hit your target market but your ad needs to grab the reader's attention and pull them in. Download this free report that will tell you how to write award-winning ads that will improve your sales.

Read Here

E-zines: A Complete Guide to Publishing by (576K)

How To Create An E-book & Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site By Giving It Away.

Download Here

Make Money the E-Zine Way by Rick Beneteau (576K)

There are websites, articles, and free ebooks out there that tell you either a mini-version of the story or feature a certain aspect of what in reality is a HUGE undertaking. But there hasn't until now been a full-fledged, step-by-step "bible" for what is one of the smartest and best moves you could ever make on the Internet - starting your own ezine.

Download Here

EzyAds: Free Ads in Over 200 Ezines by Michael Southon (1.15M)

Provides information on; The real secret of free ezine advertising, How to find the right ezines for your ads, Ten tips for successful ezine advertising, and EzyAds - free ads in over 200 ezines.

Download Here

Make Ezine Advertising Pay by (416K)

The only reason to advertise in ezines is to sell more of your products and services to their highly targeted opt-in subscribers. This ebook will show you how and where to advertise to get the maximum ROI.

Download Here

Newsletter Publishers Toolbox by Michael Silva. Password: ezine. (512K)

Provides information on; Getting out the message, E-groups & resources, Time saving tips, Making money with newsletters, Improving circulation, Websites & other resources, Internet classified ads, Banner advertising, Autoresponders, and Miscellaneous tools.

Download Here

Ultimate Ezine Promoter Ebook (576Kb)

Contains over 100 ezine promotional resources to quickly and easily promote your publication with point and click ease.

Download Here

Ezine Publisher`s Secret Handbook (445Kb) by Patrick Ravi

Helps the Online marketer discover the secrets of effective and profitable ezine publishing. Learn from basics to advance strategies for electronic publishing.

Download Here

Handbook of E-Zine Publishing (1072Kb) by Kate Shultz

This extensive e-book covers, in detail, the various phases of publishing an e-zine; preparation, planning, production & publishing methods, promotion, and profits.

Download Here

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