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Vision Music Workshop

Deborah Henson-Conant

Vision Music – Workshop

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I created “Vision Music” because I needed a way for players of all levels to quickly improvise music that sounded beautiful without needing to know anything about harmony, that required no reading, and using a motif they could learn in 10-15 seconds.

I created it fast because I needed it for a 5-Day challenge. The goal? To free harp players from the notes on the page in a way that lets them truly listen to what they’re playing so they could focus on the ‘feel free’ part.

It was a 5-Day Challenge, so I created 5 motifs. Some were almost like little musical games that anyone – even someone touching a harp for the first time – could play, so long as I pointed out a few strings to them.

I was blown away by the result: beautiful, fluid improvisations that gave harpists – of every technical level – a sense of freedom and self-expression.

Now I’ve turned it into a one-hour workshop that I’m sharing virtually in a collaboration with Harps, Etc. on Thu. May 20, at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern.

“Vision-Music” Improv – is a way of using simple MOTIFS to improvise. It turns improvisation into a game you can play at any level of technical ability – a way to gently invite your inner creative spirit to come out to play. You don’t need to know a lot of music theory, read music well, or be a brilliant memorizer. “Vision Music” uses a creative toolbox of improv techniques to unlock the music of a simple musical motif. If you’re struggling to get started with improv – or looking for a completely new approach that frees you from the notes on the page, join me for Vision Music.

  • You’ll learn what VISION MUSIC is – and how to use the power of simple motifs to create entire improvisations
  • You’ll EXPERIENCE a completely different – and very powerful – side of music that’s not about getting the notes right or achieving yet one more level of technical ability – but about unlocking its power for transformation.
  • You’ll create your own VISION MUSIC – and walk away able to bring it alive for others, whether you’re playing for an audience of thousands – or one-to-one in hospice or therapeutic music situation … or just for the joy of playing for yourself.

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