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Mary Taffs

Mary Taffs' Bio

Mary fell head over heels for the universe of books sometime before she could read, and that relationship proceeded for the duration of her life. Expertly, she was a product engineer for a quarter-century until her withdrawal from the workforce in 1999. From that point forward, she kept more occupied than any other time in recent memory with her composition and outsourcing for publishers. 

She experienced childhood in Western New York State and spent numerous years in Rhode Island before moving to Oregon during the '80s. She split her time between the Portland rural areas and her beachfront townhouse on the Oregon Coast, where she discovered the settings for a few of her books. 

Tragically, we lost Mary Taffs on 21 April 2004. Recuperating Magick was Mary's 10th book. A Matter of Trust will be delivered in late September 2004.

List of books by Mary Taffs

A Matter of Trust - Oct 2004 / Contemporary Romance

Healing Magick - May 2004 / Contemporary Romance

More Than Magick - May 2003 / Contemporary Romance

Magick - Jun 2002 / Contemporary Romance

Martha's Madness - Dec 2001 / Contemporary Romance

Hot Fudge and Peppermint - Dec 2000 / Contemporary Romance

Stitches from the Heart - May 2000 / Contemporary Romance

Celtic Knot - Jan 2000 / Contemporary Romance

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