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Portland International Airport (PDX)


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Portland International Airport (IATA: PDX, ICAO: KPDX, FAA LID: PDX)

are a joint civil-military airport and the largest airport in the U.S. state

of Oregon, accounting for 90% of the state's passenger air travel and

more than 95% of its air cargo.


We�re under construction.

If you like PDX now,
wait till you see PDX Next

We�re doubling down on the uniquely PDX things you love about the Portland International Airport.

Over the next five years, a series of transformative projects will bring more Pacific Northwest-inspired architecture, local restaurants and shops, inclusive design, and carbon footprint-reducing technology.

What�s it going to look like? We�re here to show you all the magical stuff happening behind the scenes.


Air Traffic Control

Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag

120.62500 B CSQ ATIS DEP V Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Departure VHF AM Aircraft

128.35000 B CSQ ATIS VHF Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Arrival VHF AM Aircraft

239.25000 B CSQ ATIS DEP U Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Departure UHF AM Aircraft

269.90000 B CSQ ATIS UHF Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Arrival UHF AM Aircraft

120.12500 BM CSQ ClrnceDlvryV Clearance Delivery VHF AM Aircraft

318.10000 BM CSQ ClrnceDlvryU Clearance Delivery UHF AM Aircraft

121.90000 BM CSQ GROUND VHF1 Ground Control AM Aircraft

132.27500 BM CSQ GROUND VHF2 Ground Control AM Aircraft

348.60000 BM CSQ GROUND UHF Ground Control AM Aircraft

118.70000 BM CSQ TwrRYS10-28V Tower (10L-28R) VHF AM Aircraft

123.77500 BM CSQ TwrRYS03-21V Tower (03-21 & 10R-28L) VHF AM Aircraft

251.12500 BM CSQ TwrRYS03-21U Tower (03-21 & 10R-28L) UHF AM Aircraft

257.80000 BM CSQ TwrRYS10-28U Tower (10L-28R) UHF AM Aircraft

118.10000 BM CSQ APP/DEP HI V Approach/Departure - VHF 110-279 AM Aircraft

124.35000 BM CSQ APP/DEP V Approach/Departure - VHF 280-099 AM Aircraft

126.90000 BM CSQ APP FINAL Approach Final AM Aircraft

284.60000 BM CSQ APP/DEP S. U Approach/Departure - South UHF AM Aircraft

299.20000 BM CSQ APP/DEP N. U Approach/Departure - North UHF AM Aircraft

294.70000 BM CSQ DEP Radar U Departure Radar Control UHF AM Aircraft

127.85000 BM CSQ DEP ALT V Departure - Alternate AM Aircraft

290.30000 BM CSQ DEP ALT U Departure - Alternate AM Aircraft

122.00000 BM CSQ Flight Watch Flight Watch AM Aircraft

122.60000 BM CSQ FltSvcStatn Flight Service Station AM Aircraft

122.95000 BM CSQ Unicom Unicom AM Aircraft

280.50000 BM CSQ ANG OPS 1 Air Natl.Guard Ops 1 AM Aircraft

281.20000 BM CSQ ANG OPS 2 Air Natl.Guard Ops 2 AM Aircraft

299.90000 BM CSQ ANG CMD POST Air Natl.Guard Cmd Post AM Aircraft

121.50000 BM CSQ GUARD CIV V International Air Distress GUARD VHF AM Aircraft

243.00000 BM CSQ GUARD MIL U Military Air Distress GUARD UHF AM Aircraft

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Portland International Airport

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