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Roland Samplers

CD ROM Music Libraries for Roland S770 and S750 and Compatible Samplers

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Global Instruments Vol 1 - $149 A CD-ROM for the Roland S770/S750 and compatible samplers (Obtain A Demo MP3) (Purchase This Title)

Global Instruments Vol 2 - $149 A CD-ROM for the Roland S770/S750 and compatible samplers (Obtain A Demo MP3) (Purchase This Title)

Drumscapes S770 - $249 A CD-ROM for the Roland S770 and compatible samplers (Obtain A Demo MP3) (Purchase This Title)

Global Instruments Volumes 1 and 2 from Northstar are CD-ROMs for the Roland S-770, which incorporate a total of 85 banks of digital instrumentation. And with it, you can have the world. That's right, sounds from all over the world. Volume 1 focuses on pitched ethnic and world instruments including accordions, banjos, bagpipes, kotos, and pan pipes. Volume 2 gets you all the percussion instruments from Africa, Japan, Korea, South America, the Middle East, and India. All acoustically generated sounds. No electronics. And at $149 each, that's less than $5 per bank.

Northstar is known for detail and they've left nothing out. Each bank meticulously sampled with many instruments at 4 and 5 velocity levels; all the sampled nuances to capture the real instrument. Northstar includes many sampled performances of an instrument as well, all to bring the real power of the S770 to life.

Global Instruments are available on CD-ROM for the S-770 and compatible devices for $149 each.

Drumscapes S770 is a CD-ROM for the Roland S770/750 and compatible devices, which incorporates 61 volumes of acoustic drum performance loops and fills along with the individual drum samples from the Drumscapes Audio CD. Drums from Mark Schulman (Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, Richard Marx, Jeff Lorber) and Brian David Willis (Quarterflash). Plus, we've thrown in about a hundred extra ethnic, funk, and rap percussion samples.

Floppy Disks

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S550 and W30 Floppy Disks

Northstar Productions Roland S-550/W30 Library is one of the finest. Digitally transferred from Northstar's Emulator III Library, these disks are incredible. Brilliant vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths, and excellent brass compliment all your projects. The "Dirty" drum loops are a must for that "ripped off" (but totally legitimate) dance groove. Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your sampler in a different category. You can order from the entire library via floppy. We do allow multiple orders of our "5 for $63" Special. (10 for $126 and so on). If your order is an odd number, such as 7, you would pay the special price for the first 5 disks, which includes shipping plus the extra 2 disks at the full $15 price ($63 + $30 = $83.00).

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