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Patti Woodard

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It's true! Right now, there are four generations of Woodward's living: I have a wonderful wife, four children, one stepdaughter, and eleven grandchildren. My mother Patsy (Ninety -Two years old) pass away on July 3, 2003. She is now singing once again with her Father, Mother, Brothers, and Sisters in heaven. We've been a very lucky family to have such a great history -- and a great present (and future!). See our family tree.

I want to thank all of my friends and relatives that provided information, pictures, memories, and assistance, while I was preparing these family trees. The time that I have spent conducting my research in libraries, museums, cemeteries, Internet, computer, and telephone pales in comparison to the many years they have spent researching these families. My work efforts have been a labor of love! I owe many thanks to Connie Fields, Denis Graham, Anita (Smith) Jones, Judy Keeler, Sue Mashburn, Colleen Rongey, Jim Sexton, Robert Woodard, Shirley Woodard, Patti Woodard, and my wife (who worked many hours by my side). I might have missed someone, but I do thank you very much.

This will be an ongoing process!

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