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Bushwhack Alert: 6/19 Bunker Drills = Another 911?

Should we worry about another 911 on 6/19?

Even the mainstream Washington Post is sending signals that it's time for us all to worry about White House intentions nowadays. In his June 4 WashPost op-ed, Back to the Bunker, William M. Arkin states "the exercise is the latest manifestation of an obsession with government survival that has been a hallmark of the Bush administration since 9/11."

The bunker drill (or "command post exercise") is indeed a great way to prepare for an attack from abroad -- or to prepare yourself against public or military reaction if you do something provocative. Something, let's say, like another 911. Let's not forget that a similar bunker drill, Vigilant Guardian, was in progress when 911 happened and that it's this drill that accounts for the famous ability of Cheney to run things from underground.

To put it simply, the Bush administration is putting up its dukes and assuming a worst-case attitude. This is exactly the kind of thing that US officials -- Congressional and military -- were guarding against the last time we had a president in the kind of dire straits this one finds himself in.

The last president, incidentally, was Richard Nixon.

Motives for mayhem

Indeed, Bush's problems are much greater than Nixon's, with Congress making rumblings about exercising its constitutional function of oversight. Worse yet, poll numbers show that he personally only enjoys the support of one-third of the American People and that a political judgment day may be coming for the Republican Reich in November. Half the country now wants a new investigation of the 911 Event, and the 911 research community, far from fading into the sunset of "conspiracy theory," as predicted (and hoped) by the corporate media, is mushrooming in numbers and conviction. Internet flicks like Loose Change are the new samizdat or "self-published" declarations of emerging American glasnost. A "velvet revolution" of an awakened, aware America haunts the dreams of the Bush League.

Ergo, it's time for another terror event.

Planning the plot

The setup is straightforward enough:

June 4: the Bush folks get enough collaboration out of Canada to puff up an "Al Qaeda/Canada" connection, which introduces Oklahoma City fertilizer bombs, Arab youth, the Internet, and US helpers into the public mind. Media pundits from Wolf Blitzer to Chris Mathews begin to let on that this represents a new type of Al Qaeda, which Blitzer even labels "Al Qaeda 2.0." This new Al Qaeda is trying to set up smaller, "homegrown" terror acts that will be like Oklahoma City.

June 6: the Bush folks are interpreting the Canadian affair as an indication that a US terror incident is looming, and the FBI and CBS collaborate on a story: Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon?

June 7: the Bush folks drop in a couple of bombs to obliterate a "safe house" where arch-villain Al-Zarqawi is in hiding. Again, even the WashPost has been telling the truth about Zarqawi, labeling him what he is -- a government propaganda ploy -- in an April story by Thomas E. Ricks: Military plays up the role of Zarqawi. Apparently, though, the Pentagon pawn has the last service in him -- as a dead martyr to be avenged. Wolf Blitzer makes sure to point out that it was Zarqawi who was leading the way to a decentralized, homegrown Al Qaeda, so it's no stretch to infer that an Oklahoma City terror attack would be from his followers, in his name.

King George & Generals (w/ camp followers)

Above are three days in a psyops set up that's Rovean in all its details, and corroborated by the mainstream media -- who have become specialists in "don't ask/don't tell" journalism. Their job as media folks is to eat it up and spit it out for the public to consume. It's all a bit embarrassing, but what did they expect when they allowed themselves to be called "embedded," dignified usage?

They do a bit of agonizing over the obvious forensic problems of two 500-lb. bombs leaving a man in the next room alive and (barely) breathing, and wonder aloud whether perhaps the photos have been doctored -- but they don't dare to ask whether the entire story has been manufactured.

So now we near another set of government empowerment drills, by a leader who is meeting in his hideaway of Camp David now to decide the future of the Middle Eastern War, his great drive against the East. He has never said a word about the retreat, and he likely won't do so now. When the generals summoned to attendance question the will of the American People, or the resiliency of the American GI, he'll reassure them that the scenario can change quickly in the Global War on Terror and that maybe -- just maybe -- something will energize the USA like another 911, real soon. If that happens, he chuckles, it may be possible to do everything on the White House wish list, from initiating a nuclear war with Iran to initiating a draft in Iowa.

With a wink at Rove, he'll get up, ready to let his Bush League associates (Cheney foremost) handle the "arrangements," with everything being understood and nothing being said in the open.

With a confident wave of his hands, Bush will command his military to the civilian leaders who controlled it on 9/11 -- and in farewell, he'll comment that he has to get ready for the June 19 bunker drills, in which they'll be practicing how to stay in power and in control if there's another 911. Officers there will remember that he seemed to be in particularly good spirits as he said this and that he smiled knowingly.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA

CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

The mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Captain May is the leader of Ghost Troop, an antiwar group of veterans and researchers who do "worst-case" analysis of federal terror drills, assuming that the drills may be camouflage for terror acts (as in New York 9/11 or London 7/7). Their work a month ago in exposing secret Chicago 911 terror exercises has been widely published by the Irish 911 Truth Movement. For more, refer to their Home Page.


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