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911 Truth And Texas Terror

Texas Terror, Code Blue

by Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
June 29, 2008

HOUSTON, June 29 - When it comes to explaining our deteriorating national and international condition, hand it to Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican who represents several refinery towns just south of Houston, Texas.
He proved his skill Thursday with his address to the House of Representatives, five minutes of straight talk from a wise physician concerned about politics and geopolitics:
  • The economy is sluggish because it has gorged on inflated Iraq war money.
  • The petroleum market is feverish because of Iran war speculation.
  • The Iran war is likely because of the inaction of a craven Congress.

This was a perfect example of Ron Paul the revolutionary, who is willing, to tell the truth about our modern-day King George.

This latest speech reminds me of a two-minute speech that Paul delivered on January 11, 2007, at the beginning of the 110th Congress. In it, Paul warned that the Bush administration might stage an attack against the US, then blame it on Iran.

Recent events bear out Paul's worries:
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that the Iran war is a done deal.
  • US ally Saudi Arabia began preparing for nuclear fallout from an Iran war.
  • The Israeli Air Force began practicing its Iran war plan of attack.
  • John McCain's campaign said he'll benefit from a US terror attack.

Second Opinions

Various intelligence experts agree that the Houston area is a likely target for the much-discussed "next 9/11" attack, which will solidify the homeland state and the global war. The very nightmare that Paul has warned us about may rise out of the ashes of his own turf. It's hard to see how he can sleep at night.

During the Republican primaries of neighboring district 22, Navy intelligence officer and Republican candidate Commander Brian Klock posted a billboard showing Houston and its refineries nuked by terrorists: It bore the unnerving caption: "The Threat Is Real � Ask Brian Klock."

Over the last two months, former Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has published a series of investigative articles dealing with the suspicious gunning down of CIA insider Roland Carnaby by the Houston Police Department. Madsen also believes that a Houston area nuke is likely, but writes that the Bush administration and its Israeli allies will carry it out, not terrorists.

Over the last two months, The Police News, published in Paul's district, has run four of my investigative articles about secret terror drills recently conducted at the BP refinery in Texas City. The last was A False Flag Target Again? -- Ron Paul's Texas City.

On Friday the 13th, former Congressman Dan Hamburg published a nationwide op-ed, the State of Emergency, warning of a Bush administration staged an attack on a US city, likely Houston before it leaves office.

Paging Dr. Paul

On March 3 The Lone Star Iconoclast presciently published an editorial about the terror danger to the US oil capital: Time to Investigate Houston Is Now.

Given his tour de force diagnosis of the worldwide situation, it's stunning that Paul hasn't done anything to protect his home turf. His district 14 is dense with Big Oil refineries that are labeled top terror targets by the Bush administration. This is especially true of Texas City, which worried residents have grimly nicknamed Toxic City.

The Iconoclast has spent all of May and June trying to reach Paul as the one who should be most concerned with the lives and welfare of the citizens he represents. For two solid months, though, his staff has kept their man incommunicado. Under the current circumstances, this is unconscionable.

The situation is clearly critical when expert opinion considers your district the most likely mass murder target in America. It's time for Dr. Ron Paul to perform the operation so desperately needed both by his constituency and his country: INVESTIGATION.

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