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Captain May Interview Transcripts

2010-03-03 Baghdad's Neutron Bomb and America's Nuclear Obama --an Interview with Captain Eric H. May by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri of Dissident Voice.

2009-09-12 Erskine Overnight Show interview with Capt. May and Maj. Fox on swine flu biowar

2009-04-09 Dr. James Fetzer interview with Capt. May, Maj. Fox, and SFC Buswell regarding the continuing threat of a false flag operation under Obama.

2008-12-14 Jeff and Mike Show interview with Capt. May and Maj.Fox. The Mumbai "Turkey Day" attack as a possible false flag operation, the outlook for "Bush in Blackface" Obama, and why the first nine months of his administration are likely to be the most dangerous.

2008-05-07 Dr. James Fetzer hr 2 Oklahoma City as an inside job and the misuse of Marines

2008-05-07 Dr. James Fetzer hr 1. Dr. James Fetzer interviews Maj William Fox and Capt Eric May on the Dynamic Duo show. The Mayday alert was vindicated by many events, including reports about Israel's abortive assassination mission against a Hezbollah leader intended to start a broader Middle Eastern war and the assassination of CIA Agent Roland Carnaby in Houston, Texas on April 30th because of his apparent effort to thwart Mossad importation of a mini-nuke.

2008-04-24 Dr. James Fetzer hr 2. Second-hour interview with both Capt May and Maj Fox, who were preparing a joint alert regarding National Level Exercise 2-08.

2008-04-24 Dr. James Fetzer hr 1 The highly compromised national media and military

2008-01-23 Dr. Fredrick T´┐Żben Dr. Toben validates Capt May's activism and condition

2007-12-13 Dr. James Fetzer. Bush hair-trigger for a false flag attack in summer/fall 2007

2007-11-01 Theresa Mitchell Why Potrero, San Deigo, and other fires likely high-level arson

2007-07-03 Dr. Kevin Barrett hr 2 U.S.S. Cole and Bali bombing similarities

2007-07-03 Dr. Kevin Barrett hr 1 Straussian totalitarian philosophy and the terror cabal

2006-07-19 Cloak and Dagger Mission to save the Orient Queen accomplished

2006-07-18 Cloak and Dagger Capt May declares an emergency during the Israel-Lebanon War

2006-07-17 Frank Whalen hr 2 "Numeric harmonics" and terror dates used by the cabal

2006-07-17 Frank Whalen hr 1 After action report on saving the Chicago Sears Tower

2006-07-05 Hal Turner Independent Arab source confirms U.S. use of neutron bomb

2006-04-29 The Edge Radio Playing defense for the Chicago Sears Tower

2006-02-23 Frank Whalen hr 4 How the 3-11-2004 Madrid bombing fostered "9-11 2B"

2006-02-23 Frank Whalen hr 3 How Capt May got started on his mission of conscience

2006-02-02 Cloak and Dagger A Galveston paper and abort signal also help confirm suspicions

2006-01-20 Zeph Report Capt May predicts a strike later reinforced by a WMD Team

2006-01-19 Cracking Satan's Code hr 3 The meteorological "Manhattan Project" hits the U.S.

2006-01-19 Cracking Satan's Code hr 2 Movies that program Americans for takeover

2006-01-19 Cracking Satan's Code hr 1 The neo-con's evil blueprint encoded

2006-01-17 Zeph Report Details on 7-28-2005 Texas City mission and fall 2005 weather war

2005-11-29 Lenny Bloom Cloak & Dagger Westhusing, Tillman, and Corrie: Info War martyrs

2005-10-18 Lenny Bloom Cloak & Dagger Treasonous national media "presstitutes"

2005-09-06 Lenny Bloom Cloak & Dagger The cover-up that helped kill Cindy Sheehan's son

2005-07-28 Lenny Bloom Cloak & Dagger; 21:00 hours "Texas City Saved!"

2005-07-28 Lenny Bloom Cloak & Dagger; 18:00 hours "Texas City Saved!" on CLOAKANDDAGGER. Emergency Live report by Captain May observing unfolding events on the horizon from his home in north Houston. Texas City was supposed to go up in a nuclear flash; instead, the Texas City factory of British Petroleum was simply set ablaze.

YouTube: Captain Eric May of Ghosttroop on The Kentroversy Tapes (Jan 2008)

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