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The Writings Of And About John McCarthy -�Treachery And Treason

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1983 - May 2004


Pierre Finck & the Secret Team

From the November-December, 1995 issue (Vol. 3 No. 1) of the PROBE

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Cambodia: The Coup

excerpted from the book

The Price of Power

Kissinger in the Nixon White House

by Seymour M. Hersh

Summit Books, 1983, paper

Other Green Berets repeatedly told colleagues after the 1970 coup that a highly secret Special Forces unit, known as Project Gamma, was responsible for conducting anti-Sihanouk intelligence operations inside Cambodia before Sihanouk's ouster. Project Gamma, formally listed as Detachment B57, Fifth Special Forces Group in South Vietnam, used members of the Khmer Serei and the Khmer Kampuchean Krom in its activities inside Cambodia, former Green Beret officers said. One member of B57, Captain John J. McCarthy, Jr. was court-martialed in T968 and sentenced to hard labor for life for killing a Khmer Serei operative believed to be a double agent. McCarthy's conviction was reversed in 1971, after an appeals hearing in Washington in which the Army warned that public disclosure of evidence in the case would damage national security. An official Army history of the Green Berets, published after the Vietnam War, does not mention Project Gamma or Detachment B57. Although the Pentagon has declassified much material about Green Beret cross-border operations inside Laos and Cambodia, nothing on Project Gamma has been made available. One former senior officer of the unit, who left South Vietnam prior to 1970, says that Gamma utilized only ethnic Cambodians in its operations, which were designed to gather tactical intelligence from deep inside Cambodia-areas that the normal Green Beret cross-border operations were forbidden to penetrate. The Cambodians involved in such missions, which included many Khmer Serei and some Khmer Kampuchean Krom, were extremely anti-Sihanouk, the former officer recalls, but he knew of no plans to overthrow Sihanouk while he was involved in Gamma.

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An Open Letter to Pierre Finck

By John McCarthy, 1996

Pierre, you liar, and hypocrite:

There is no statute of limitations for conspiring to obstruct justice in a capital murder case. Stand by for your summons. Or do you think that being an expatriate in that neutralist haven of Switzerland will save you? You see, Pierre, should you choose to exercise Switzerland's non-extradition treaty with the United States, you may do so at the peril of forfeiting your retirement check for ignoring a summons from the U.S. Congress. Take another sip of that fine wine, Pierre.

It wasn't enough for you to screw up the JFK autopsy and provide Arlen Specter with your expert opinion before the Warren Commission. You had to go along with the government's faulty desires to "get that case behind us", so we could all heal the wounds which continue to fester 33 years later. No, Pierre, you got involved in the RFK aftermath, and then the Panamanian Police effort which I am sure you recall was supervised by the CIA. Coincidence, I guess, how most knowledgeable people think the CIA was responsible for the JFK and RFK murders also. But let's not get presumptuous.

But perhaps we should talk about CIA black terror and assassinations missions later.

I wonder if the Assassinations Record and Review Board will want to grill you about the following matters as were exposed in the Probe. Perhaps they will feel, as I do, that your behavior in my case sheds backward light on your performance at Bethesda on the night of 11/22/63.

1. What was the reasoning for involving yourself in attempting to change the findings of a so-called expert in forensic pathology, Richard Mason, an Army pathologist, who had testified as to the government's first witness in a Top Secret murder trial conducted on January 29th and 30th, 1968.

2. Did you also believe that your protege, Mason, was terribly mistaken or flat out wrong in his deduction that the wound in question was caused by a .22 or.25 caliber projectile? Did Mason's opinion rub you the wrong way also?

3. Did Mason's "field expedient" test leave you with the feeling that such an experiment would not stand the scrutiny of your peers? I'll bet you got a lump in your throat when you observed Mason's findings and conclusion that there were microscopic particles of gunpowder residue in the wound tract? That was a real frost for your forensic mind.

4. Were you stupefied by Mason's testimony based on his detective-minded, non-supportive conclusions which flew in the face of all other testimony at the trial? Is that why you encouraged him to reevaluate his expert opinion and ultimately recant his in-court expert testimony, in writing? Is that why you sent Mason a letter of congratulations for changing his expert testimony? Pierre, how could you?

5. Did the post-trial review conducted a month after the trial causes you to have some concern because the legal experts had modified Mason's irrefutable in-court testimony by contradicting his expert opinion that it was impossible for a .38 caliber bullet to have caused the wound in question by concluding, "science can not say under any fact or circumstances that a .38 could not have caused the wound in question." ??? Did that bother you very much, Pierre? Those damn lawyers can certainly make life difficult for you experts, can't they?

6. Did you have difficulty sleeping with the knowledge that the FBI had detected a particle of quartz stuck to the bullet fragment that Mason had submitted to the FBI lab for analysis? Did you spill any wine when you were advised that the bullet fragment had been lost in the registered mail? Did it bother you in the least that the FBI could not determine the make, caliber, or manufacturer of the bullet fragment Mason removed from the face of the deceased? Do you recall that the FBI report was issued nine days after the trial ended in a conviction and the sentencing of an innocent man to life in prison? Was that the reason you needed Mason to change his testimony and get on board with the new theory that, irrespective of Mason's testimony, as well as that of a firearms examiner, both of whom concluded that a .38 could not have been used to kill the deceased, that a conviction with any theory was better than no conviction at all?

7. In September 1968, you received Mason's recantation of his expert testimony at trial. You must have been happy since you sent Mason a letter of congratulations for finally altering his testimony 8 months after the trial. So you had Mason's recantation, the FBI lab report, the autopsy protocol, the autopsy report, Mason's original testimony, but you don't have the bullet fragment since it was lost in registered mail. You have made Mason's recantation available to the government prosecutors, but they choose to argue Mason's original testimony before the Appeals Court. Why? Because only you and the government know about his recantation. What a sensitive situation. And what do you decide to do? You decide to say nothing until you are confronted by one of my lawyers who asks you if you have any new information from Mason or knowledge of where he is located. You said you had none. This was in March of 1969. But my lawyers did not know you were lying. They had no knowledge of either the FBI report or Mason's altered testimony, or of your correspondence with him coaxing him to alter the testimony and get on board with a new .38 caliber theory. How do I know this? Because of the assignments of error submitted to the Board of Military Review, the first step in the appellate process. You see, Pierre, my lawyers quoted your own book on forensic science in detail on the point of not having doctors like Mason relying on unproven, untested, field-expedient "tests" like the one he did. But you probably weren't aware of us using your own book. You were too busy testifying at Jim Garrison's trial of Clay Shaw where you revealed the equally unbelievable bad work you supervised at President Kennedy's autopsy.

8. Were you ware Pierre that one of your subordinates blew your cover in the McCarthy case after your cover was blown by Garrison in the Kennedy case? I'll set the scene for you. My lawyer was sitting in the Pentagon cafeteria in early March of 1970. Suddenly he was joined by a lawyer who worked for you in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. He startled my attorney by asking if he had seen the McCarthy file in your office. Recall, you had denied the existence of such a file and specific information in it. When my lawyer said no, your colleague escorted him over to your office. He then gave him the file from your cabinet. He cautioned him by saying there was a sergeant down the hall, but there was a copy machine in the same room. When my lawyer opened this file, the first page was Mason's recantation. This was fairly forthright. He says he was mistaken about the weapon being a .22 caliber and the wound being a contact wound, which, by the way, was the compelling testimony leading to the original guilty verdict. The FBI lab report and your coaxing of Mason to switch were also in the file.

Why do you think your lawyer did this? Was he upset with your performance at the Shaw trial? Or was it something deeper? Was this the opportunity to remedy this circus by letting you be the fall guy for a change? Did you then feel you might be summoned to explain your actions or did you feel secure in the knowledge that you were still part of the "Secret Team", and therefore were untouchable? What was the result of this discovery of this secret file? The appellate court saw it all and they were not pleased. They focused on Mason's switch in testimony and deemed it "newly found evidence and fraud on the court." They then reversed the premeditated murder conviction. Why did they do so? Evidently, they thought that a pathologist should be able to recognize the difference between a .22 caliber contact wound and a .38 caliber blast. And they couldn't accept your conduct in attempting him to switch his story to better fit the gun that I had in my possession at the time i.e. a frame-up on your part.

One more thing Pierre. Richard Mason, lately of San Diego, signed an affidavit in December of 1969, stating that he had never "knowingly" kept any information from my defense team. He swore to this in front of a notary public in San Francisco. Does that mean he perjured himself? Probably, since Mason had written his recantation in September of 1968. As stated above, this was located in your files in March of 1970.

Maybe you thought that your associates in the CIA and Pentagon would forever keep this matter from being public record, exposed to the light of day and illuminated by fact. Wrong, Pierre. And there is more to come.

Will you come down from your Swiss chalet now, to talk to someone besides Don Breo and JAMA?

John McCarthy

April 1996

Black Op Radio

John McCarthy, 2002

Show #76 Featured Guest: John McCarthy

Cherry was one of five CIA-sponsored activities. John McCarthy, a team leader in Cherry, was the Case Officer in Saigon, of a CIA-directed covert operation code-named PROJECT CHERRY. The operational mission of CHERRY was a redundant, three-pronged assassination team targeted against Prince NORODOM SIHANOUK, the head of state of Cambodia. Not until late in 2000, after the State Department declassified a section of their records could the trail be traced proving the rogue activities of Cherry. At the time he was involved, John had no knowledge of this rogue activity.

The Draft


Hello K Adachi,

Thank you for your most interesting article on the Draft.

We at Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, VERPA, have submitted a comprehensive document, (see our site) to provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with the justification to abolish the Feres Doctrine, which effectively turns our service members into second class citizens the moment they take the oath of enlistment. At that very instant, unknown to them, service members forfeit their Right to seek redress for grievances against the government as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

This Right was so important to our founding fathers' that they placed it in the First Amendment immediately after the Right to Free Speech. They did so because of abuses by the Kings of England against their subjects.

Neither Congress nor the Selective Service authorities can dilute, modify or otherwise change the Amendments without considerable time, effort, and such a majority of votes that passage would be highly unlikely.

This may be the key to disrupting the upcoming Draft in its tracks.

Since NO ONE can compel any Citizen to voluntarily relinquish his/her rights under the Constitution, those who refuse the oath of enlistment/commission CAN NOT be legally inducted!

Technically, those to be inducted should not "take the step forward" prior to the oath as that simple act has been ruled as part of the oath of enlistment, thereby negating further refusal to take the oath. We do not advocate NOT showing up for induction as required by law. We simply advise NOT taking the oath re the reasonable argument above.

We at VERPA see this as an opportunity to turn the tables on those who would refuse to abolish the Feres Doctrine. Feres was adopted by Congress in 1950 and later approved by the Supreme Court thereby becoming a "law of the land". Those who passed the Feres Doctrine as the law had no idea that government officials would use this aberration as an umbrella for protection against recourse for any and all abuses rendered upon military personnel and their families.

Would you work for an organization that perpetrated murder, rape, assault, perjury, medical experimentation, nuclear experimentation, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and any other crime on the books without recourse?

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been stonewalling our efforts to abolish the Feres Doctrine AFTER vehemently professing to assign an "S" number and pass the Judiciary Committee's "approved language" of our Act to both houses of Congress for a vote.

We see the issue of the reinstitution of the Draft as a perfect opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of the last 54 years for the blatant abuses levied upon our servicemen and women and all veterans and their families since 1950 with the unconstitutional removal of our rights that we have fought and died for.

It is time to set the record straight and bring the abuses of Feres to light by educating those between the ages of 18-34 through student organizations and the Internet on the perils of Feres and the hypocrisy of this brutal law of the land.

Current members of the Supreme Court have opined that Feres is a "bad law" and that Congress has the power to abolish it.

Amazingly enough, no member of the Armed Services is made aware of the Feres Doctrine PRIOR to induction. Those of us who have suffered under this unjust law only found out of its existence too late.

It is therefore imperative this information reaches those soon to be eligible.

We have become second-class citizens, who, after fighting and dying for our country and after swearing to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, are automatically excluded from those very Rights we swore to protect and defend. Is there not something very wrong with this picture?

Please see our site for further information and feel free to contact any of us on how and when we can add information to a program that would pass the word to those who will certainly become draft eligible.


John McCarthy

President and Chairman of The Board of VERPA

Treachery, Treason and The Feres Doctrine

By John McCarthy, May 5, 2004

Hello Ms. Knapp,

I just read your article on Pat Tillman. I've known a lot of "Tillman's". All of them died. They are all f--ing dead. But as long as I am still f--ing alive, I will continue to expose the Intelligence Community for what they are; f--ing traitors.

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, VERPA, was established four years ago with the goal of abolishing the Feres Doctrine. Feres was adopted by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court in 1950. Simply put, Feres prevents any service member or veteran from seeking redress against the government as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States for ANY crime "incidental to service".

VERPA does not seek to abolish Feres re wounds or death suffered in combat.

What we are concerned with are the crimes of murder, rape, assault, negligence, medical malpractice, medical experimentation, nuclear experimentation, torture, false imprisonment, wrongful conviction, perjury, witness tampering, witness intimidation, secreting exculpatory evidence, libel, and slander, conspiracy to obstruct justice, treason and more.

No one who takes the oath of enlistment or commission is advised of the Feres Doctrine. None are made aware of it until too late.

Current members of the Supreme Court have opined that Feres is a "bad law" and Congress has the ability to repeal and abolish it.

With the advent of the reinstitution of the Draft, millions of men and women between the ages of 18-34 will be subject to induction in the Armed Forces of our Country. If Congress chooses not to abolish Feres, certainly they would agree that all those citizens eligible for the Draft should be advised of Feres BEFORE they are sworn in. At least that would give the prospective inductees the informed consent NOT to forfeit their rights under the First Amendment and therefore avoid being inducted.

VERPA has prepared a Bill for the Senate Judiciary Committee with case histories on the abuses of Feres. Currently, Senator Spector and the Committee are stonewalling our efforts which are forcing us to take the matter before the International Crime Commission in the Hague.

If you and your paper are not inclined to publish this information, have the f--ing courtesy to say so because I am not going to f--ing lives forever.

I have challenged myself, and now I am challenging you.


John McCarthy

Chairman of The Board of VERPA

Prisoner Abuse

By John McCarthy, May 8, 2004

Dear Nam Nguyen,

Those who tortured the Iraqi prisoners did not act of their own volition.

They acted on directions from their superiors.

Their superiors were Military Intelligence and/or the CIA who ran the prison complex.

I have provided you with URLs in the past that expose the treachery and treason of the CIA and State Department but I see you refuse to make this information available to your readers. The mainstream media won't print this information. But we "bloggers" have the unique opportunity to provide the public with unfettered information. The government cannot control the Internet. This is our opportunity to speak the truth. Let's not waste it!

The history of these agencies is graphically clear. They are the ones who created the atmosphere for the War in Vietnam. That is the nexus of our problem with the preemptive war in Iraq. See� This is a free download and gives the impact of CIA operations on Vietnam. 100,000 copies of this book were removed from the book store shelves across this country. The author thought it more important to get the word out than make a profit and that is why it is available for FREE.

Once again, here are the documents which are available on the Internet.

The National Security Documents once classified Top Secret is located in the Archives section for June and July 2003. These documents were discovered in 2000 after the State Department declassified them, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.

This synopsis was written before the documents of the National Security Council, above, were discovered.

These are the same people who directed Dr. Richard Mason to fabricate expert forensic pathology testimony in a Top Secret Criminal Court Martial in Long Binh, Vietnam, on 29-30 January 1968. The guilty verdict was rendered at 7:00 PM. The Tet Offensive began 25 minutes later.

Mason has testified in many murder trials since then and, as you know, is currently the Santa Cruz County Coroner. I notified the Sheriff of Santa Cruz Country last August of Mason's perjury and recantation at my trial which resulted in the appellate court overturning a premeditated murder conviction because of "newly found evidence and fraud on the court". Mason is a prostitute and still employed at $150K per year.

What is wrong with this picture?


John McCarthy

Top Secret Documents Declassified

by John McCarthy, May 14, 2004

Hi Harry and Helen!

Once Top Secret documents have been declassified by The State Department, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.

Presidential Directives were issued during a National Security Council meeting ordering the CIA, State Department, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to cease and desist all support for Khmer Serie operations for the overthrow of the Cambodian Government and the Assassination of then Prince, now King Norodom Sihanouk.

The Intelligence Community ignored the President resulting in disastrous consequences.

Documents of the National Security Council can be viewed at the following URL in the Archives Section for June 2003. When the synopsis in the following site is compared with the above NSC documents, the acts of treason leap out at the reader. The synopsis was written in 1998. The NSC documents date from 1965-66 and 67, but were only declassified in 2000 and are available on the Internet, originally from the LBJ Library. When LBJ was notified of these treasonous acts in March 1968, he announced he would not seek nor accept his party's nomination for reelection as President of The United States. LINK

The following sites fill in the blanks. LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK Letters in 21 and 22 above to Senators Kyl and Shelby remain unanswered. Ashcroft recused himself from the Wilson/Plame Affair AFTER he received his letters.

Compare the treasonous acts by the CIA and State Department in 1966 during wartime with the treasonous acts by the Intelligence Community in the fabrication of WMD evidence presented to Congress (and the UN) seeking the war powers act for the preemptive strike on Iraq. Then add the growing evidence of inaction and prior knowledge of the 9/11 "sneak attack" on the WTC and I do believe we have a Trifecta.

With the addition of the MI/CIA (OGA) Prisoner Abuse Murder/Rape/Torture in Iraq, we have a Quenelle.

There is but one recourse (see part 2 below).


John McCarthy

Chairman of The Board of VERPA

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy

Top Secret Documents Declassified (part 2)

by John McCarthy, May 18, 2004

Hi Harry and Helen!

My last posting ended with "There is but one response". The response I have concluded to be the abolition of the CIA and a full and open Congressional investigation.

Although many documents have been declassified over the years, some remain classified without justification; and the real reason is to secret that information that show high crime.

An example of not responding to "classified" FOIA Requests from the CIA is their reply to Larry O'Daniel's request for the release of all documents concerning Project Cherry. Larry (Goldencoast Publishing) has challenged the CIA's response that information of "Cherry" remains classified. His argument is that it is illegal to classify a crime consisting of a rogue operation specifically prohibited by Presidential Directives. I have Cc'd Larry a copy of this email and expect he will be ready for an immediate response.

Because we NOW KNOW that Cherry was an unauthorized, rogue operation using Black Terror and Assassination (much like today's Sy Hersh's exposure of the Special Action Plan) AND it existed in defiance of Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings while using Khmer Serie operatives in their attempt to overthrow the Cambodian Government and Assassinate, then Prince, now King Norodom Sihanouk, we can no longer be an unwitting party to the deception on the part of the Intelligence Community. A pattern and modus operandi is emerging here. Although the personnel has changed over the years, the mindset remains the same.

Larry and I are in possession of the NSC documents downloaded from the LBJ Library. These once Top Secret documents were declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the consternation of the CIA. Now we know why.

This is a perfect example to use before the appropriate committee who must have the moral courage and temerity to take the appropriate action.

If you compile all of the abuses CIA has created since they decided to work outside of the charter of the National Security Act of 1947, you will have the justification to abolish the CIA, dismantle its subsidiaries, and start all over with an organization that will refuse to fabricate evidence of weapons of mass destruction to justify preemptive attacks on sovereign nations, create an atmosphere for wars of insurrection in Third World Nations and the murder of well over 5,000,000 civilians. CIA's declaration of a "slam dunk" to the President re the WMD in Iraq is one more horrendous and egregious blunder that approaches conspiracy to deceive the President into ordering preemptive action.

Secretary Powell today expressed having been given the "best information available at the time from the CIA" for his presentation to the UN. CIA and DIA KNEW this information was bogus or at least suspect. There may have been a demand for this information to cause career intelligence analysts to send this "intelligence" up the chain to the President, and the demand for justification may have come from the White House. VP Cheney is known to have made many trips to the CIA while the "intelligence" was being "processed".

CIA activities in the Prisons of Iraq break all the rules of the Geneva Convention and are equal to the crimes evidenced in the Nuremberg International War Crimes Tribunal. The definition of Aggressor War levied against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials dovetails exactly with the preemptive attack on Iraq. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson temporarily stepped down from the Court in 1945 to become the lead prosecutor at Nuremberg. Parts of his opening statement to the Tribunal are applicable here.

Crime Against Peace

"The basic provision of the Charter is that to plan, prepare, initiate or wage a war of aggression, or war in violation of international treaties (such as the UN) agreements, and assurances, or to conspire or participate in a common plan to do so, (such as Briton) is a crime.

"I suggest that an "Aggressor" is generally held to be that state which is the first to commit any of the following actions:

(1) Declaration of war on another state;

(2) Invasion by its armed forces, with or without a declaration of war, of the territory, vessels, or aircraft of another state;

(3) Attack it by land, naval, or air forces, with or without a declaration of war, on the territory, vessels, or aircraft of another state.

"And I further suggest that it is the general view that no political, military, economic or other considerations shall serve as an excuse or justification for such actions..."

"They (the defendants) took from the German (Iraqi) people all those dignities and freedoms that we hold to be natural and inalienable rights in every human being.

"We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants today is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow.

"These defendants were of a station and rank which does not soil its own hands with blood. They were men who knew how to use lesser folk as tools. We want to reach the planners and designers, the inciters and leaders without whose evil architecture the world would not have for so long scourged with the violence and wracked with agonies and convulsions of this terrible war.

"My task is to show the scale on which these men who were in responsible positions and who conceived the plan and design which renders them answerable, regardless of the fact that the plan was actually executed by others.

"Any resort to war, to any kind of war, is a resort to means that are inherently criminal.

"Can there be no doubt that the outlawing of aggressive war was one of the generally accepted rules of International Law in 1939? The closing remarks from Justice Jackson follow:

"We may admit too that the world had failed to provide political or legal remedies (such as the UN in the case of Iraq) which would be honorable and acceptable alternatives to war. We do not underwrite either the ethics or the wisdom of any country, including my own if the face of these problems. But we do say that it is now, as it was for sometime before 1939, illegal and criminal for Germany or any other nation to redress grievances or seek expansion by resort to aggressive war.

"The measure of the criminality of the plan and therefore of the guilt of each participant is, of course, the sum total of crimes committed by all in executing the plan. But the gist of the offense is participation in the formulation or execution of the plan. These are rules which every society has found necessary in order to reach men, like these defendants, who never get blood on their hands but who lay plans that result in the shedding of blood." --7/26/1946

The above presentation before the Nuremberg Military Tribunal War Crimes Trial is just as applicable today for the premeditated fabrication of "intelligence" for the preemptive attack on Iraq. We know today, without a doubt, that the sources for the bogus information collected by the Intelligence Community were deemed suspect BEFORE it was processed into "actionable intelligence" for presentation to Congress, The Executive Department, and the United Nations. There was no justification for the aggressive war against Iraq. Efforts to cover additional information of other related crimes by placing classifications and invoking "national security and foreign policy" considerations only deepen the conspiracy to obstruct justice. These and other actions to deceive our nation and the world deserve to be addressed by the RICO Act.

L Fletcher Prouty's book, "The Secret Team; The CIA And It's Allies In Control Of The United States And The World" is now available for FREE download at: 100,000 copies of this book were removed from the bookstore shelves across this country, the land of the free and home of the brave. It is a primer on abuses of the CIA and dovetails with other abuses, above, justifying the dismantling of the Agency. It is time. The methods described in Prouty's book are still being used today and deserve your attention. You will automatically observe how these matters dovetail with today's situations.

At the least, the CIA is negligent in not foiling the 9-11 attack on the WTC. At worse, the crime of treason should be closely explored. The DOJ's classification of documents is patently inexcusable. "Sources and Methods" has been the catch-all excuse for hiding high crimes and treason for too long. We need to expose this excuse for what it is; preventing the public from exposure to high crimes and treason.

If Congress will not hold hearings on this and other matters, we must find another forum that will attract thousands of people and thereby the media. A petition could include this alternative if Congress refuses to address these issues. We should not underestimate the power and reach of the Internet. The ICC should also be provided updated material on what we are attempting to accomplish.

Best regards,

John McCarthy

Chairman of The Board of VERPA

The previous letters are from the Unknown News

To Senator Pelosi

By John McCarthy, May 21, 2004

Dear Senator Pelosi,

The following URL contains documents and dialogue of once Top Secret National Security Council meetings declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why.

With the recent expose of the Pentagon's Special Access Program, SAP, in the New Yorker Magazine, the rogue CIA Black Terror and Assassination program titled Project Cherry is again relevant to practice and patterns of the Intelligence Community resulting in disaster and criminal liability.

With the reclassification of the declassified documents of 2000, the DOJ is collaborating with the CIA's current position that all documents relating to Project Cherry are still classified from thirty-eight years ago. The problem with CIA's position in refusing FOIA release of documents re Project Cherry is that Cherry was a rogue, CIA directed, unilateral operation of Black Terror and Assassination in blatant and egregious defiance of Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings.

Notification of this treasonous action resulted in President Johnson's announcement in March, 1968, that he would not seek nor accept his parties nomination for reelection as President of The United States.

The NSC documents are located in the Archives section of June, 2003, of the above URL.

Attempts to reclassify these documents would constitute further conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case. Details are in links of the site.

Your assistance is requested in securing all documents relating to Project Cherry (and Oak, Elm, Birch, Fir, Maple, Peach, Pear) currently at CIA repositories, DOD repositories, National Security Archives, NSA Repositories at Ft. Meade, MD, State Department, FBI and DIA repositories.

The State Department has previously denied possessing any documents related to the above only to have Pentagon's Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, ACSI, produce documents outlining the State Department's concern over granting a security clearance to my attorney, Charles Morgan, Jr., for access to the top secret documents of the record of trial and allied paperwork. This conflict has not been resolved and I bring it to your attention should you get a further denial of document possession. Further, the State Department asked for copies of the record of trial in June, 1968, and returned them to my military attorney in the JAG section of the Pentagon with the remark, "If we had known that this information was going to be disclosed at trial, we would never allowed the case to proceed." And yet the State Department had no records of any documents relating to this matter. The ACSI documents, dated 1969, were located in the Pentagon in 1984.


John McCarthy

Chairman of The Board of VERPA

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy

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