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Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny By Dan Sherman

Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny 

        Insider Account of Alien Contact and
        Government Cover-up

Since ABOVE BLACK was released, I have been interviewed on Sightings on the Air with Jeff Rense twice, Coast to Coast with Art Bell and have spoken in front of over 100,000 people regarding my experience. I've also been interviewed over 100 times for radio, TV, and print and my book has been shipped to more than 45 countries. There's even been a musical CD written, the music of which was inspired after the musician read my book.

Before passing me off as just another loon, read the extensive reviews interspersed below. I'm told over and over again by readers of my book that they didn't really believe the US government was in contact with an alien race until they read ABOVE BLACK. I believe the reader can sense that I'm describing things, just as they happened.

I have to address the obvious... why did I come forward with my story? Please know that I didn't do it to make money or be famous. I actually dread the notoriety since I have a business to run and this gets in the way, especially with credibility issues. No, my ultimate goal is to heighten public awareness about what is going on within our government and to get the word out that we are not alone in the universe.

Of course, I'm not oblivious to the fact that my experience is something people want to read so, yes, I make money from the sale of the book. It's no different than an ex-president or someone else in government writing about their experience while in office and selling their story in book form. It supplements my income and helps me speak to groups about my experience when I have the time to do so. Please believe that I am by no means becoming wealthy from the sale of ABOVE BLACK.

Although I had no chance of coming away from my experience with hard evidence, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming and after you read the book, you will find yourself questioning why your government is hiding Preserve Destiny from the public. (The "Shadow" government, that is.)

Dan Sherman


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