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Atheist Community Center

Atheist Community Center of Portland, OR

Fighting to protect real religious freedom

With more than 240 subsidiaries cross country, American Atheists is devoted to creating and supporting a functioning and apparent skeptic local area in the United States. We give hierarchical and administration backing to neighborhood members and assist bunches withdrawing in arising nearby social liberties issues, advocate for state-level enactment, and assemble flourishing networks. 

Affiliating with American Atheists gives the accompanying advantages to neighborhood bunch: 

  • Free posting on the American Atheists Local Affiliates website page 
  • References to your gathering for people searching for close by networks 
  • Free subsidiary membership to American Atheist magazine 
  • Free American Atheists instructive and special material for appropriation 
  • Cooperation in the associate gathering at American Atheists' yearly show 
  • Admittance to on the web and in-person training on activism, support, authority, and local area building 
  • Freedom to have occasions, including American Atheists' public show 
  • Admittance to the American Atheists speakers department 
  • Meeting help for nearby social equality issues confronting your association 
  • Counsel help for association issues 

We anticipate that affiliates should uphold the total and supreme detachment of religion and government and help American Atheists' central goal and objectives. In any case, American Atheists and associated bunches are not needed to concur with each position or backing each activity taken by the other. 

We every so often offer chances for associates to take part in activism. Interest is intentional and at the watchfulness of the members. 

American Atheists expect partners to keep in touch. A current, consistently checked public gathering email, a public or private contact email of a coordinator or official, and a web presence are fundamental. On the off chance that a gathering is considered idle or inaccessible, the alliance might be disavowed. 

If it's not too much trouble, reach us with any inquiries or issues about our Affiliate program and with particular member support you need. 

Prepared to be a member? 

Please complete the affiliate application here.

Gathering association is liberated from cost. Nearby Partners and neighborhood American Atheists members are autonomous associations and are not auxiliaries, specialists, workers, or lawful agents of American Atheists. Connection makes no legitimate relationship. Neighborhood Partners and subsidiaries don't have the power to tie American Atheists to any authoritative commitments or in any case follow up for the benefit of American Atheists. Subsidiaries are allowed to relate and draw in with other nearby, public, and global associations as they see fit.

Atheist Community Center

415 SW 13th Avenue

Portland, OR 97205

Tel: +1 503 241-9268

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