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Bob Richards' Audio Projects - Index Page

Bob Richards' Audio Projects

Index Page

WARNING: Tube circuits contain high voltages and are dangerous to work on. The author is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by the use of the information on these pages.

Who's Bob?

Small Monopolar Preamps 2020

The Vermillion, 2019 Hi-Fi Speaker System

Plan B Speaker System 2019

Bluesman 2018 - 20 Watt Guitar Amp Project

Bob's Bluetooth Lithium Battery Operated Class D Boom-Box Project

My "Tonemeister" Stereo Preamp

My Tube Type Hi-Fi amplifier, "The Music Box"

My LM3886 Four-Channel Poweramp 2020

My LM3886 four-channel power amp Project 2016

The 2 > 3 channel Extractor Project 2016

AR4XC Bookshelf Speaker System

My Open-Baffle Hi-Fi Speaker System, "The Aurium Waveguide"

My Woofers - Sealed Box, 12 inch Drivers, Active EQ, Acoustically relatively flat 20HZ - 100HZ:

My Stereo Holographic Soundbar Speaker system using the Polk Method of inter-aural cancellation

    (a failure, but good learning experience)

My All Tube 70 Watt True Stereo Guitar amp, The Deuce

How to Design an all-tube, no feedback, 30 Watt, Stereo Guitar Amp, - The Deuce Jr.

My 8 Watt Single-ended EL34 guitar amp, The Bluesman

My earlier 5 Watt Tube-Type Guitar Amps

Refurbishing the RCA 9-JY

My Behringer Mod - DEQ2496 Analog I/O Redesign

Gallery of some of my much earlier projects

My Thoughts on Acoustics

My thoughts on Speaker Design

Frontpage of the website

Note: I update/correct/add to these pages from time to time. Check back.

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