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Burning Man 1999 - Oh The Infamy! is the real-world extension of the online community known as, which doesn't necessarily mean that we bear [sic] any resemblance or likeness to any of the activities of but we do take our name and spirit from that which is the great bianca!

For Burning Man 1999, bianca reinvented herself. we had an all-new tent that raised the ceiling 6 feet higher, and we removed all the "rooms", which (combined with the new ceiling height) created a much more open and airy feeling to the shack. we had lots more lights outside and inside (thanks to an upgrade to a 25K gennie)
we had no beds, we brought no porno mags or porno props of any kind. we created a large area just for dancing, we changed the name to be just "bianca's". we were not listed or mapped anywhere on any literature. greeters were instructed not to mention bianca's whereabouts. and, this was the year many bianca DJs were really into "trance". bianca became a place to go dancing all night long rather than a place to have/watch sex. (the music of the previous years was what is now called "classic shackgroove" and was actually an encouragement of smutty activities, due to its downtempo nature and smooth groovin' vibe) and, the changes worked!! (though, due to a built-up rep, there was still smut in the shack; but nothing like 1998 or 1997) bianca had her first honeymooners in camp with the union of two dear friends, so the mood was set. We had a permanent and stable home for bianca and her masses with the addition of the tent. But getting prepared for the playa, you know there are going to be surprised. What we were dealt was bitter cold. I remember arriving Sunday/Monday to 40-degree temps and biauncanauts strewn hither and tither after being caught in a wind storm while trying to raise the roof of the shack. And the cold persisted. If you didn't have someone to cuddle with, you weren't going to be able to sleep, especially in a tent. And when you did sleep it was while wearing everything you owned. But the shack shook with good vibes, people dancing to keep warm. We were on auto-shack from Wednesday on. That was the year we used a satellite phone to call out for incoming trolls to bring long underwear and knit caps, not extra bread and cheese.
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