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Pictures From Matt's Trip

The #Ytse Mirror

This just in...

Here's the CaliCrew with Mike Portnoy, from the May 16th

show, in S.F. Besides most of the banner being cut off,

there are some crew members missing from this pic...

and I *know* there were more pictures taken,

so if any of you CaliCrew have gotten your pictures

developed, please scan them and send them in!

If you have pictures from any of the shows you

would like to submit, or anything you think might be

of interest to your fellow jammers, please

send them to [email protected], with a subject of "Pictures".

Besides live show pictures, we are also interested in

pictures of jammers with the band members, and

pictures of the beautiful banners that some of you have created for Mike.


Matt getting the CaliCrew Welcome from

Carol "Coldfire" Dellinger and Lisa Marie "Jessie".

Image of Pictures From Matt's Trip